Search engines are becoming increasingly aware pf duplicate articles, which means that writing unique content is much more important than it was before. If you are not using article rewriting software that allows you to create dozens of unique articles from a single article, then it is important to make sure you are going about your article marketing campaign properly.

Why do you write articles? You are trying to create backlinks that will help you to generate free targeted traffic right? You hope that after reading your articles, people will click on your link and visit your website. That's pretty much it - no more and no less. The ultimate goal of writing articles is to drive visitors to your website.

In order to generate a sufficient amount of constant traffic and improve your search engine page rankings, you will need to publish articles with backlinks to your site as often as possible. And because you do not want to have your content deleted, the majority of the articles you publish should be completely unique.

Now there are hundreds of article directories and manually writing a unique article to submit to each one would take weeks. Like I mentioned above, unless you are using some type of spinning software, it would not be very efficient to spend that much time writing articles. You can easily create a sufficient number of backlinks by only submitting unique articles to 5 or 6 of the top ranked directories.

Try writing a couple of unique articles each day and then submitting them to these top directories. If you are able to build a reputation in these directories and establish yourself as an expert, you will attract more readers because you have become known to provide reliable content. Once readers are aware that you write high quality and unique content, they will simply keep coming! People will actually start to look forward to reading the content you publish. And don't worry, once you have written a few articles it was start to come more naturally and you will be able to write much faster.

That's all there is to it; it is so simple, yet so powerful - unique content attracts visitors just like the honey attracts bees! So, in order to get readers interested in reading your content, you must constantly provide new and informative material. If you have to, break your niche down into as many different topics as you can think of. This will give you some additional ideas for your first few articles.

Regardless of how you go about the article marketing process it is very important that you include backlinks in anything you write. If you are willing to use an article rewriter, which will provide you with tons of unique content in a matter of minutes, you can speed up the process dramatically. If you keep all of this information in mind, you are guaranteed to get results no matter how you go about it, but always remember that content is KING.