Unique Cribbage Boards Make Awesome Gifts!

A selection from these unique cribbage boards will make the perfect gift for a devoted player of the game or for a collector. So, if you have a friend, or a family member, who is really into this game, then check out the variety of unique cribbage boards that are available. Or, maybe they are not a board game collector, but collect other items, such as anything Harley Davidson®, lighthouses, fishing, favorite sports team memorabilia, outdoor activities, etc. Whatever their passion, there is a good chance you will give the perfect gift to them, when you give them one of these unique cribbage boards.

In order to play this fun couple(s), or family game, you only need a regular score board. But to add pizzazz to your game table, you might want to select and purchase one of the unique cribbage boards listed in this article. So, if you do not currently play this fun game, then select a board, and get started.

And if you are looking for a really special gift for an enthusiast of this board game, the one that says, ‘this gift is just for you,’ then go online, and shop for one of the unique cribbage boards. Online stores have a large selection of these specialty items. Or, visit some of the other online shops that specialize in custom made unique cribbage boards. One designed, and made, just for that special person or couple! Think, personalized wedding or anniversary gift, birthday gift, or any other memorable event.

Listed below are some of the unique cribbage boards that can be found online. All of the following, I found on Amazon.

Unique Cribbage Boards for Fans of Fishing

Unique Cribbage Boards for Fans of FishingCredit: Amazon


For the man or woman who likes to fish, you can find a walleye fish, carved out of wood. And there are two different kinds of boats available, a skiff and a canoe. Or, how about a vintage lure? Another board, with a fishing scene, is designed to look like a picture. Surely, these will grab your imagination, ‘hook, line and sinker?’ And I am sure the fishing people in your life will think so, too!

Unique Cribbage Boards for a Motorcycle Fan

Unique Cribbage Boards for a Motorcycle FanCredit: AmazonMotorcycles are all the rage. Motorcycle equipment is trendy, and bikers are collectors, especially Harley-Davidson® riders. So, if you want a special gift for your ‘Road Hog,’ then you will want to check out some of these. How about a four track oval board, with the Harley-Davidson® logo embossed on it? Or, perhaps, a traditional shaped board, with the Harley-Davidson® logo. And what biker could resist carrying along a travel size game, one that can fit in a pocket or a purse. Last, but not least, is a cherry wood motorcycle shaped board, that is ‘Made in the USA.’ Present one of these to your motorcycling friend, and they will go ‘Hog Wild’ with delight!

Unique Cribbage Boards for Lighthouse Collectors

Unique Cribbage Boards for Lighthouse CollectorsCredit: AmazonCollecting lighthouse memorabilia has become very popular in recent years. Not only is it fun, but also the lighthouses, themselves, are very interesting. Please your lighthouse collector by giving him, or her, a lighthouse cut from cherry wood. One more you might want to consider is a lighthouse scene that looks like a picture. Both of these items are ‘Made in the USA’ products. You won’t be stumbling around in the dark, looking for the perfect gift, when you select one of these lighthouse gifts. So, go ahead, and light up someone's life!

Unique Cribbage Boards for Other Collectors

Unique Cribbage Boards for Other CollectorsCredit: Amazon

Almost everyone collects something - there are unique cribbage boards for John Deere® fans, as well as train, and truck enthusiasts. For the wine connoisseur, there are even ones made from the staves of a wine barrel. Also, you can also get a board in the shape of the State of Vermont. Another board available is a traditional shaped one featuring Arizona. Many are ‘Made in the USA.’ And for the ‘jokesters, and the fun lovers,’ in your life, they would probably appreciate a cute board that is made into the shape of a toilet seat, complete with a lid.

Unique Cribbage Boards for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Unique Cribbage Boards for Outdoor EnthusiastsCredit: AmazonSo many of the outdoor activities have a game designed around them. There is a trail for hikers, a kayak - for the water person, a snowshoe or a toboggan - for those who like the snow, and if hunting is your thing - how about a hunting shell? And no outdoor activity list would be complete without golf! No worries. There are several designed just for golfers. If you enjoy the outside for its beauty, that too, has been captured in several different styles, featuring pictures and/or scenes of eagles, a mountain lion, a loon, and a moose. Now you can connect with the outdoors whenever you want, and have fun in any season.

Unique Cribbage Boards for Sports Logo Collectors

Unique Cribbage Boards for Sports Logo CollectorsCredit: Amazon

OK, now it’s time to talk sports. Here is a list of the teams I found:  North Dakota State NDSU Bison Football, Chicago Bears NFL Football Field, Green Bay Packers NFL Football Field, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Wild NHL Hockey Rink, Miami Dolphins NFL Football Field, Indianapolis Colts NFL Football Field, Los Angeles Anaheim Angels MLB Baseball, Kansas City Chiefs NFL Football Field, and the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA. If you are a fan of one of these teams, and you can’t get your kicks on the field, the ice, or the court, you can enjoy a competitive card game, using one of these unique cribbage boards.

In Closing

With this large selection of unique cribbage boards, you would think that there is one for every collector. Not so. I collect Santas, and I have yet to find a Santa board. So, I guess I will have to have one made, or make it myself. And if you have a do-it-yourself woodworking enthusiast in your life, look for a cribbage board pattern, so they can design and make their own unique boards.

All of these unique cribbage boards are ready for play, or they can be a great addition to a collection. So, when you need that special gift, for a special someone, remember these unique cribbage boards, and surprise them with one.

And for the lady in your life, who has everything, then how about some cribbage-pegs made with Swarovski® Crystals on top, to go along with her unique cribbage boards?