Sometimes it is a struggle to be different and stylish at the same time


Wallpaper is Unique Designer wallpaper for a stylish homeone of those items that almost leave you naked, in that it bares your personality with no where to hide. The wallpaper probably covers the largest area of your home, so it should reflect you, not half of the nation. I can't bare homes that are completely magnolia, beige, white or cream. What could a home that bland possibly say about its owner..oh, the clue is in my statement isn't it? Bland.

Don't get me wrong, no one wants to walk in to a psychedelic headache either, at least that would give you a better idea of the person who owned that property though. Wallpaper should make a statement about you, whether that is that you are different, quirky, average, cute, sharp, sassy or like to fly under the radar.

Why you will struggle to find unique Designer wallpaper in high street stores.

You wont find any regular high street stores and chains selling unique designer wallpaper because they just can't justify taking up floor space on such a very small niche. The high street store will find out what colors are trending that season and what the masses are buying, so they can get it in and sell to as many people as they can.

This isn't what you need when you want to look for unique designer wallpaper, you want specialized lines of wallpaper, with fabulous and stylish designs, to make your house stand out from the rest, in a tasteful way.

One place that you will get great unique designer wallpaper is Amazon, they have some gorgeous and unique wallpaper right now. You can choose any style you like, including my favourite, wall murals.

There is a budget to suit everyone, but if I have learned anything with wallpaper being a homeowner for over 10 years, is that expensive wallpaper tends to sit better with less stretch out and imperfections than cheaper wallpaper.

The best wallpapers are usually nice and heavy with no fault in the pattern. Designer wallpaper also tends to come with all the modern characteristics of up to date wallpaper, such as being pre pasted, so no need to spend out extra on wallpaper paste after you have already had to pay for all the paper and paint.

I have found some great designer wallpaper at Amazon, so here are a few I really like, hope you do also.

Williamsburg Asian Toile wallpaper in Blue


Asian Toile designer wallpaper

I am yet to see something this different in high street stores, it is worth a mention for being so different and beautiful. A Parisian design from over 250 years ago is always going to be different to the designs that are fashionable at the moment, so a great statement to make in your home.

Williamsburg Asian Toile wallpaper is currently being sold for just over $25 a roll with free delivery. A great bargain as it is reduced from $50, so it shows you can also find bargains whilst looking for designer wallpaper.

York Wallcoverings Tres Chic, Ladies in widebrim hats

Tres Chic Ladies in wide brim hats wallpaper

I have chosen the fuschia but this wallpaper is available at Amazon under cream/metallic gold, metalic gold/fuschia( pictured above), pearl/metallic silver, white metallic/gold, white/black. I chose the fuschia to show you as it really sets off the artistic style of this wallpaper. If you would prefer a more subtle style but love the design, the pearl/metallic silver is extremely understated whilst being creative.

York wallcovering is quite a bit more expensive that the Asian Toile, as it is currently $49 a roll, but was $90 per roll, so another great find. Easy to hang as you merely dip the whole sheet in water and then hang it.

There are plenty of unique patterns available so there is no need to be boring and bland with your style.