There are many unique Easter basket themes you can use for your children as you celebrate the holiday.  While there are many different premade versions available in the store, you might want to explore the possibility of putting together your own.  If you have a theme in mind for your son, grandson, daughter, or granddaughter, you will have a lot of option to keep mind.  I would like to go over a few out of the ordinary ideas you might want to use.

Dinosaur Easter Baskets

You can make this one as unique as you want.  You can add books about dinosaurs, dinosaur toys, and just about anything else you can imagine.  A young boy or girl that likes dinosaurs will like the theme, even if there is limited candy involved.


Angry Birds

Why not put together a unique Angry Birds Easter basket.  You can find free coloring pages online, add some shirts and small toys or games, and you will have something that will make the Angry Bird lover in your family really happy.

Crafts for Kids

Put together all the needs for some fun craft projects and you have a really unique Easter basket that will engage your children in an activity other than just eating candy.  This type is pretty easy to make, but you might want to include directions for specific craft projects for kids, along with all the needed supplies.


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Nintendo Themed Easter Baskets

If you have a gamer in your family, you can put together a great Nintendo theme.  You do not have to include lots of games, which are quite expensive.  You can make it as cheap as you want by simply adding some small Nintendo related toys, key chains, coloring pictures, and gaming magazines.  The Easter eggs do not have to be the star of the basket.  You can make this one as unique as you want and you can keep it under 20 dollars, if you choose.

Spring Toys

While the actual date of Easter varies each year, it is generally just as we start to think a lot about springtime.  Put in some beach toys and a beach towel.  This unique themed basket can be completed with some sand toys, like pails and small shovels, or snorkels and flippers for at the beach.

Barbie Themes

You can include almost any kind of popular doll or girl’s toys with this theme.  Add a toy or two and look for some eggs that match the colors or theme.  You will find that most young girls really like Barbie dolls, so this one is likely to be loved by many different ages.  You can make it as unique or cheap as you would like.


Hot Wheels

You can find Hot Wheels (or matchbox cars) Easter eggs, so this one is really easy and pretty cheap homemade option to put together.  Put in some of the eggs, a few die cast cars, and some Hot Wheels coloring pages and you will have a really cheap, but very nice basket a young boy is sure to love.

Fishing Themes

I did this one for my sons one year.  It is really easy to put together and is a very unique idea for anyone in your family that enjoys fishing.  Put in some baits and fishing line, perhaps a fishing pole, and you will have a really cool theme that you can put together for under 30 dollars.  You can even use a tackle box to hold all the items in rather than using a traditional wicker or gift basket.


Food Themes

You do not have to go with candy.  You can include crackers, meat and cheese, or even cookies and soda.  You can make this one as unique as you want and it can be put together pretty cheaply.  Try to build your Easter basket with food items the recipient will like, so the food doesn’t go to waste.  You can make this one for under 10 dollars if you are on a tight budget.

Romantic Ideas

Include some massage oils, candles, and other adult items for a very unique idea that you boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife is sure to enjoy.  You can make this one as expensive or cheap as you want.  If you want to keep it under $5, for example, you can include coupons for massages, or similar things.

Tool Themes

Easter baskets for boyfriends or husbands can be practical.  Put together some hand tools or power tools and include them in a basket for Easter.  It will be a very unique idea and since people need tools for household and DIY uses, a good homemade option like one will get put to use.

Alternatives to Baskets

There is no reason you have to use the standard, colorful wicker Easter basket this year.  Why not make it really unique, starting with the container?  In the list below are some unique container ideas you can use for a homemade Easter basket that will help to support a more specific theme.

Tool Box:  This is just a container like any other, and it can be used instead of going with wicker or premade containers.  This one can be a little more expensive, especially if you go with a quality tool box.

Tackle Box:  If you have someone that loves fishing, this one would make a very unique container to use.  They are not that expensive and you can even buy some that already have some tackle included.

Cooking Pots:  If your wife or girlfriend needs some new cooking pots or cookware, use it to hold all the candy or other items you decide to include.

Sand Pails:  This will hold all the Easter eggs and beach toys you need to make your child enjoy their summer and the holiday.  They are pretty cheap, so they are likely to fit into your budget.

Small Totes:  This one will work great and is pretty practical.  Fill the tote with whatever items you want to fit in your theme and the container will actually get put to use.

As you can see, there are many different unique Easter baskets to make on your own.

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