Choosing to give your partner a unique engagement ring says much about you the relationship that you are in. The ordinary diamond solitaire has been such an old standby that many are not enthused about giving it the one they love. They want something that is unique as their relationship. If this sounds like you then you are in luck.


There are many options out there for you to choose from when you are shopping for a unique engagement ring. You can even choose to have some diamond accents or perhaps go with one of the trendy color diamonds that are becoming so popular.


The options are endless especially when you are shopping online. Yes, you read that right. Shopping online is a great way to purchase this important symbol of your love.


The key is to go somewhere that has a great reputation like Amazon when shopping. There are so many great designs that you can find online that you will not see in your local jewelry store that this is truly the place to be.


So let’s take a look at some of your options when it comes to unique engagement rings.

Chocolate Diamond Rings

One of the more unique and beautiful options that you will see as you shop is the chocolate diamond. This brown colored diamond has come into style with those Levian commercials that you see on TV. However, that is not the only place that you can shop for one of these styles.


There are many settings and styles that you can choose for this beautiful stone. You can even pair this with clear diamonds to create an amazing sparkling affect like the one featured here.


1.00CT Pave Halo Diamond Ring 14K White Gold
Amazon Price: $2,306.70 $799.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2016)

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

The blue diamond takes the hue of the sky and places it on an impeccable setting. This is a truly great way to pop the question. Your partner will be amazed by the color and depth of this stone.


The ring that is featured here is set in a 14k white gold. At the heart of the design is 1 carat of diamonds. There is a lifetime guarantee with this amazing company for their piece of jewelry.

1.70 CT Pink Diamond Engagement Ring
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2016)
Ruby and Diamond Ring
Credit: Amazon

Ruby and Diamond Rings

If you are trying not to make the main focus of your piece of jewelry a diamond, perhaps this will be more to your liking. The ruby is red in color and is often thought of when it comes to symbolizing love.


There are many great styles to choose from when shopping for ruby and diamond rings. There are the solitaire settings or perhaps an eternity band. Choosing for the great selection is half the fun when you think of rubies for your engagement.


Popping the question can be a nerve racking time. Choosing the right piece of jewelry should not be. With these unique engagement ring options, you are well on your way to standing out when it comes time to ask your partner to marry you.



While you are shopping for that perfect piece of jewelry to use for your engagement, there are many other great treasures to be found online when jewelry shopping. So remember to look around and get ideas for other shopping occasions as well.


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