Sometimes it seems the only thing more difficult for a man than finding the right woman to spend the rest of their life with, is finding the right ring to propose with.  It is hard enough for men to buy jewelry for women, as the nuances of a woman’s particular taste often remain elusive regardless of how many years a couple has been together.  Every woman is different and, while it is hoped that the ring selection will not influence whether or not the woman says “yes,” the man must be acutely aware that he is selecting a ring that she will be expected to wear every day for the rest of her life.  This puts a huge amount of pressure on ring purchasing, but following these steps will make the process at least slightly easier.


If the relationship is to the point where the man is thinking about marriage, then the woman has been contemplating hypothetical wedding details for far longer.  In most situations hints will be dropped about what a woman’s ideal engagement ring is.  A smart move is for a man to comment on some aspect of a friend or celebrity’s wedding.  A comment like, “I feel like all those diamonds around the band are just too much,” will open up the doors to a woman’s personal preferences without being obvious about one’s intentions to propose. 

Pick A Stone

The precious gemstone chosen for the center stone will influence the entire design of the ring, so it should be chosen first.  The most commonly chosen gemstone is diamond.  Unless the woman has explicitly stated their desire for a particular stone or for something other than a diamond ring, a diamond is typically chosen for the center stone.  Diamonds are classic and the hardest natural stone, and choosing something else could make the man appear cheap.  If the woman desires a more unique engagement ring stone, researching gemstone meanings can help with the selection.  Birthstones can also be chosen for women who feel a particular affinity to their stone.

Pick A Setting

The setting is the perfect place to add one of a kind elements and creative style for the unique bride.  Most settings are sold separately from the center stone allowing the individual to pick the absolute best center stone for their bride.  There are a variety of styles available, and it is recommended to spend time studying the jewelry that the bride has purchased for herself or wears frequently.  It is also very common these days to have a custom ring designed for one’s bride.  By working with a jeweler, the perfect unique engagement ring can be designed, and it gives the man the ability to incorporate special elements to make the ring an even greater symbol of the relationship.

Don’t Let Price Cost You The Perfect Ring

Rings are expensive.  It is common to spend three to five thousand dollars on the setting and often more than double that on the stone.  However, this is a ring to last a lifetime and by spreading out the financing, any ring can be affordable.  The right woman will say “yes” to any ring, but cost should be the last consideration when choosing a ring for one’s love.

In some situations, men will propose with a temporary ring, and then take his fiancée to pick out her own ring.  This is common when the man is unable to afford the ring he wants, but wants to show his true desire to marry the woman.  While this has obvious practical advantages, it takes much of the romance out of a proposal, as part of what makes an engagement ring so special is that the man picked it out just for her.