It seems everyone goes to great lengths to make Mother's Day as special as the women it was designed for. Yet, when it comes time to celebrate the dads in our lives, we usually give them a tie and a kiss on the cheek. This year, let's make Father's Day something he'll never forget. Here are a few ideas on how to create a memorable Father's Day.

1.) Take Dad Fishing
Almost all dads enjoy the outdoors. Though they may not all be as outdoorsy as the guys on TV, they still enjoy the idea of spending a few hours with their kids. Check out a few of the lakes and streams around your area. Find out which ones have the best fishing, which ones have picnic areas, and which ones tend to have the least amount of people at any given time. Always make sure that you're taking Dad to a public place, unless you have special permission to take him to an out-of-the-way fishing hole.

2.) Wash Dad's Car
How many times have you been asked to wash the car or to clean it out. As a very special Father's Day gift, wash his car without being asked. Not only will he feel as though he is loved, he'll be amazed that someone thought about him and his vehicle.

3.) Give Dad a Massage
We all know how hard Dad works to put food on the table, but how often do we feel his pain? As a way of telling Dad how much he means to us, why not give him a back rub or a foot massage. This is something that all the kids can get in on. One kid can massage the neck muscles, while another rubs his feet, and maybe even have another kid massaging Dad's hands. It's a nice way to tell Dad how much he is appreciated.

4.) Take Dad Breakfast In Bed
How many times has Dad helped the kids get breakfast in bed for Mom? Isn't it about time the family did the same thing for Dad? A nice breakfast of eggs, toast, juice, and coffee will make him feel like the king of his castle and will let him know that his family really does notice all he does for them.

5.) Have a Tie Burning Ceremony
How many years has Dad gotten a tie that he's never worn? Why not take all those ugly ties and have a Tie Burning Ceremony. Each member of the family can take the one tie they dislike the most and bid it a fond farewell. Let Dad have the first and last say on all ties, and let him be the one to set them on fire. It will tell Dad that he's loved for more than just his job, and that he now has room for more ugly ties.

However you spend Father's Day this year, be sure to let him know just how much he's loved and needed in his home. Let him know that he's not just the guy who brings home a paycheck and fixes stuff, he's the guy that the rest of the family turns to when they need a friend. It's his day, let him enjoy it on his terms.