What unique friend gifts, can you get for someone who has everything?

Time together. Most people, if asked, would rather spend time with you, then receive gifts that they don't really need. Everyone is feeling the pinch this year, and we have to sit back and re-think how we are spending our money at Christmas. Do we really want that nasty shock in January?.. Nobody does, the only ones who like January bills are the credit card companies!

But if you do spend time with your friend or friends, and still want to do something for a "unique friend gift" as gift giving is a tradition. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a donation in their name to a charity of your choice. Another great idea, is to look in many of the department stores. You will quite often see a charity area for gifts. Sometimes there are Christmas trees with ornaments on them with a child's name on them and their age. You could purchase a gift for this child in your friends name. (first name only). If your friend doesn't want any gifts, they are sure to appreciate this gift.

2. A gift certificate for a nice restaurant, that you know your friend likes, and hopefully they will invite you! Or you could make your own homemade gift certificate inviting them to a particular restaurant for dinner... your treat! Great excuse to get together.

3. A flower bulb, that can be planted out in the spring time. Many flower shops sell all Unique Gifts for FriendsCredit: morguefile.comkinds of flowering Christmas bulb plants, and others that can be planted out again. Nothing has to die this way! You can also get little miniature live Christmas Trees, that are decorated for Christmas. These are usually tiny little evergreens that you keep cool once Christmas is done and plant out in the early spring. Makes a great reminder of your friendship.

Or another great idea, is a gift certificate to a garden center, so that they can delay their gift until the spring and plant something they will really enjoy. This way your friend gifts keep on going!

4. A special gift certificate made by you, for a chore they need doing. Maybe you could give a gift of "washing their car".. or "making dinner one night for them" or "babysitting the kids" or "walking the dog" This is a great idea, if money is tight, and you know your friend could use more help with chores. This gift will be very much appreciated, compared to just a box of chocolates!.

Just think of chores your friend has to do on a regular basis, and see if there is any way you can make one of those chores a unique gift to your friend from you.

5. Movie passes, for a great upcoming movie, and hopefully your friend will take you!

6. Consumables make unique gifts - Depending on your budget, you could find and purchase something consumable, like their favorite perfume, or bath oil, or special candles they like, or a specialty food they love and don't buy very often for themselves. Something you know will not just sit around. Make sure it is something they like. Otherwise you are just adding to the dust collection.!

7. If you are handy in the kitchen.. give them a gift from your kitchen, these make great unique friend gifts. A batch of their favorite cookies, homemade jam and pUnique Gifts for Friends(132898)Credit: amazon.comair it with fresh bread. Or your best pickles. Something from you, that you have made.

8. Spa Day - Once again depending on your budget, you could book yourselves into a spa for the day, or a manicure, pedicure, or getting your makeup done. Something you and your friend would not usually do by yourselves. This one is fun. My daughter gets me this for my birthday, and we both go and enjoy ourselves. This is a great Christmas gift. But only purchase what your budget can handle.

9. A membership for local parks. If your friend likes walking, hiking, canoeing, or any other outside activities, you can purchase memberships to the parks. They usually include all the area parks, and then your friend will not have to pay any admittance fees for one year. You could also get one for yourself, and then you can do some activities together. Check online for these.

10. Buy a goat for a third world family. There are many catalogues, out at this time of year, of special animal gifts you can get to help local farmers in third world countries support themselves. Check out word vision and other charities. You will get a great card, showing what you bought, and you can give this as a unique friend gift. My daughter got one last year. Her card said "thank you for the chicken" she absolutely loved the idea! She was so worried she was going to get another scarf!

This is a great gift, if your friend doesn't need or want a thing!. How can they refuse a gift like that?

Unique Gifts for Friends

When trying to come up with a unique friend gift for Christmas, you need to put a little thought into it. Anyone can buy a quick box of chocolates, or bottle of wine, but not everyone will make their friend a great batch of cookies, or spend the day with them instead.

So, before you head out to the mall to fight the crowds, armed with your credit card, to buy a Christmas present for a friend, who really doesn't need any more "stuff". Just really sit back and give it a good think. That is what gifts are suppose to mean. A gift from the heart. Your friend is going to love the fact that you thought carefully about their gift. So, even if it was a small jar of jam that you made, they will be very happy that you made the effort.

Back to what your friend really likes, is time with you. With all of life's crazy things that are going on, it can get harder and harder to get together with good friends. So, maybe make a certificate of blocks of time, if your life is hectic, that you can spend with your friend or friends and actually block it out on the calendar, and show them your calendar.. Come up with something you can do with each on these visits.. whether it is a visit to the local coffee shop, or an afternoon of shopping, or going to a sporting event together. This is what makes, unique friend gifts, something given with thought.

Unique Gifts for Friends

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