There are several unique gift basket containers you can use, some of which are unique, super cheap, and in some cases, free of charge.  If you have all the supplies you want to use to fill the gift basket, getting the right container can make it all come together.  In this article, I will list some of the things you can use to complete the package and make it the best possible.

Household Item Gift Basket Containers

Laundry Basket:  It is very practical and will come in very handy.  It goes very well with a homemade housewarming gift basket.  Fill it up with laundry soap, stain removers, and other odds and ends.

Wicker Basket:  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be put to use after the contents are all used up.  They are a practical idea you can use for a present.

Mop Bucket/Cleaning Pails:  Why not?  People use these around the home and like laundry baskets, they would go great in a house warming kind of gift basket.

Totes:  Storage totes make great containers for gift baskets and they will come in really handy in almost any home.  People have storage needs and this can serve the purpose after the supplies have been used.

Containers For Food Gift Baskets

Cookie Jar:  Fill it up with cookies, jams, or just about anything else you can imagine for a really nice, unique option that is sure to please the food lover in your life.

Bread Box:  They are unique and practical, making them a good option to keep in mind if you are giving a food gift basket to your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Cooler:  If you are including any type of food or beverage that needs refrigeration in the gift basket, you have a perfect way to tie in a cooler.  The recipient can use it for years to come as well.

Picnic Basket:  Put in the supplies for a nice, romantic picnic and you’ll have a present that the people in your life will love.  This one is a really good option to keep in mind for a couple in love or newlyweds.

Cookware:  Pots and pans make great containers.  Toss in some spatulas, silverware, and some other kitchen items and you’ll have something they will love.

Coffee Mug:  It isn’t very unique, but it is a practical idea for anyone that loves the morning brew and for small items.  You can personalize the mug, if you prefer, for a nice touch.

Blender:  Fill it up with some fruit and veggies for smoothies, or include and ice cream scoop, syrups, and malt powder for malt making.  It is a good way to stick with a theme.

Practical Containers For Travelers

Suitcase:  This one makes a ton of sense for anyone you know that likes to travel.  Suitcases always come in handy when packing for a trip, so be sure to include some travel themed supplies for best results.

Duffle Bag:  Duffle bags can be used as carry-on luggage.  A traveler will be able to make good use of the container long after the supplies it held are used.

Garment Bags:  Why not?  These would make a good holder for travel related items for the business professional in your life.  They make sense for a number of people.

Containers For Gardening Gift Baskets

Flower Pot:  Perfect for the gardener or flower lover in your life.  They are unique and can hold a number of things, since they are available in all sorts of sizes and colors.

Fancy Watering Can:  Just as a flower pot, it is a practical gift basket idea you can use for anyone that enjoys planting and gardening.

Containers For Kids Gift Baskets

Wagon:  Fill the wagon with some small toys and almost any young boy or girl is sure to love it. This one will be a hit at the child’s birthday party for sure.

Sand Bucket:  Fill it up with some sand molds, goggles, and a snorkel set and you have a great beach themed gift basket, complete with a great container they child is sure to use when swimming.

Toy Dump Trucks:  Put some die cast cars and trucks in there or some other little toys that the young boy in your life will enjoy playing with.  The container is likely to be the star with this idea.

Wading Pool:  They make small wading pools for kids that can be filled with water items, making a complete package that almost any youngster is sure to enjoy.

Containers For Men’s Gift Baskets

Toolbox:  Toss in some hand tools and you have a real winner that the man in your wife is sure to love.  This one is very practical and your husband or boyfriend will probably really like it.

Tackle Box:  Fill it up with some fishing gear and the outdoorsman in your life will have a great day on his boat, fishing.  This one will make almost any man really happy, so keep it in mind.

Garbage Can:  Everyone needs a trash can and they can make good containers for gift baskets for men.  Put in some outdoor items and you’ll have a winner.

Containers for Women’s Gift Baskets

Flower Vase:  Put in some romantic items for your wife or girlfriend and you will have something the woman in your life will enjoy and get to use for a long time…assuming you bring flowers occasionally.

Jewelry Box:  Put in some jewelry and polishes or cleaners, and you are sure to have something that almost any woman is sure to enjoy for a long time.

Containers For Cheapskates/Tightwads

Shoe Box:  Any shoebox will work.  You can jazz it up a little with some wrapping paper to give a personal touch.  With just a little work, this holder can actually look pretty cool.

Gift Bags:  You can buy them at dollar stores, so they are a really cheap option to keep in mind.  Or, if you have a leftover one from Christmas, it will be free.  What could be better than that?

These are just a few of the unique gift basket containers you can use.