I've been a resident of Gainesville, Florida for a few years now. During that time I learned that everyone here bleeds blue and orange. And why not? UF is one of the top public universities in the US. It has over 50,000 students, so there are a large number of current students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the university. And a lot of these are serious fans of the school and of its sports programs. During birthdays and Christmas, it's not surprising that a lot of them receive Gator gifts. But how do you find an unusual gift for a UF Gators fan? Here are some fun and crazy options below.

The University of Florida Gators Snuggie

Florida Gators SnuggieYes, there are officially licensed snuggies for many of the NCAA teams. Of course, I happen to think that the UF one is the best looking, thanks to its dark blue color. There are orange Fs and the green gator mascot. This is a fairly inexpensive gift and usually sells for between $20-$25.

Now it is true that the weather is rarely cold enough to justify wearing a snuggie here in Florida. But since Christmas falls in December, anyone who lives here will be able to use the present right after opening. And after graduation, many students move to colder climates where they will nostalgically wear their snuggie in one of the many colder months.

What makes the UF snuggie a great gift? It is good because it works on so many levels. On one it is a simple gag gift. Whoever receives it will laugh and want to show it to all of their friends. But many people who own snuggies say they are warm and comfortable. So even though it is a gag gift it can come in handy as well. Also people aren't likely to buy one for themselves, but will like one as a gift. So if you are looking for a unique idea, buy a Florida Gators snuggie instead of another UF sweatshirt.

The UF Gators Garden Gnome

AFLorida Gators Gnomenother gift in the fun and funny category is the University of Florida Gators garden gnome. Or rather gnomes. There are two official UF garden gnomes, a male and a female. Your home and garden is lacking in awesome if you do not have these two to keep you company.

These guys both stand 11.25 inches tall. They are made of cast resin. The male is a traditional looking male with a long grey beard. He is dressed like a regular Gators fan with a blue top with an orange stripe, orange pants, and blue shoes. His tall gnome hat is blue with the alligator mascot. The female garden gnome is an even bigger fan in her cheerleading outfit. Her hat is the same as her mate's. Her hair is in braided pigtails with orange bands. Her top is blue and her skirt is orange. One pompom is blue and the other is orange.

So why are these such great gifts? Well, like the snuggie they don't cost much. They're about $20 each. While they are garden gnomes, they can go indoors as well as outdoors. So it is still a good gift for someone who is living in an apartment. The hardest decision you'll have is trying to decide between the male and the female. Go for both if you can afford it.

Florida Gators Rubber Bands Bracelets

Florida Gators Logo BandzThe silly bandz craze is everywhere these days, so it is no surprise that you can buy packs of officially licensed NCAA Florida Gators Logo Bandz. One pack has five shapes and three colors: a blue F, an orange outline of the state of Florida, a green standing gator, a green palm tree, and a pink football player. Another pack has a different assortment of colors and shapes: a red football helmet, an orange standing alligator, a green alligator head, the word Gators in red, and a pink goal post.

These bands are made of silicone. You wear them around your wrist and when you take them off they return to their shape. This is a good gift because it is so cheap. At under $10 it is a great present for anyone who is on a budget. People of all ages seem to really like these, but its affordable price and fun nature makes it especially suited for younger Gator fans.

Florida Gators Helmet Mailbox

Florida Gators MailboxMost of the presents listed on this page are fairly cheap, but the Florida Gators Helmet Mailbox is not for people on a strict budget. It costs around $75 and the pole must be purchased separately. This isn't a good gift for college students who live in dorms or apartments. Instead this is for people who have a full mailbox that gets delivered to.

The main part is orange with the word Gators written on it and a stripe on the top. The mail flag is white. The bottom part is the mouth guard of the helmet. This is where a newspaper will be put if the person has a subscription. While this gift isn't for everyone, it is certainly one of the more unique presents available.

Florida Gators Wrapping Paper

This isn't a necessity, but it is a nice touch. This NCAA wrapping paper is of course blue with the word Gators in orange alongside the green alligator head. It costs under $10, but is still more expensive than the cheaper wrapping paper that you can pick up at Walmart. It is a decent quality and should prevent people from seeing what you've wrapped inside. The person you are giving the gift to will appreciate the extra effort you've put into their present.

Sports fans are easy to buy for, but thoughtful gift givers should avoid falling into the trap of buying the same thing as everyone else. Mugs and t-shirts are nice, but over-given as Christmas gifts. If you are willing to look, there are many unique gifts for Florida Gators fans. While I have listed some of my favorites, these are not the only ones.