If there’s a coffee lover in your life, there are several ideas you can use for unique and unusual gift baskets for Christmas, Birthdays, get well, or just about any other special occasion you can come up with to give out a present.  Let’s go over some of the cool coffee themes for gift bags you can use!

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

While you certainly don’t have to put together a basket for the coffee lover in your life, you might want to give it a shot and see if you can hit a home run for their birthday or Christmas present.  Listed below are a few unique ideas you might want to explore to complete the coffee themed gift basket.

Fill A Coffee Pot:  If you want to put a little of everything into one unique care package for someone you love, why not select some of the items following in this list and put them right into the pot!  Make the container unique and you’ll see a bright smile when they open it up.  They aren’t too terribly expensive, so take a look and see what you can find.

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Fill A Percolator:  Many people greatly prefer the taste of coffee made in a percolator.  If the coffee lover in your life has never tried to use one, you have the perfect way to give them something unique.  Fill it up with some gourmet coffee blends or creamers and you’ll have a real winner at the party.

Fill A Coffee Mug:  If you need to stay within a small budget, perhaps under $10 or less than $20, this is a really good option.  Put in some smaller items to go with it and you’ll have a nice, cheap coffee lover’s gift basket idea.

Fill A Big Travel Mug:  Most of us like to take a cup for the road.  Give him  or her a big travel mug and put some fancy creamer, small bags of gourmet coffee beans, or even stir straws into it to complete the package.

What to Put in a Coffee Care Basket

Gourmet Coffee Blends:  There are tons of flavor options out there, most of which are quite good.  Take a look at what’s out there and see if you can find the right flavor combination to add to the gift bag that you give out this year.

Biscotti:  What goes better with a cup of coffee than some Biscotti?  It’s not very expensive and you can add it to the package to help fill it out and make it look much more complete.  You can find this online or in the stores, so just take a look and see what’s out there.

Chocolate Stir Spoons:  You can find these in other flavors as well.  It’s a nice way to mix in the cream and sugar and add a little flavor in the process.  You just might form a new habit for the recipient and add a very unique flavor to their coffee.  Take a look and see what other flavors you can find.

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Styrofoam Cups:  Why not?  Many people would like the convenience of taking them with them on the go, so it just makes a very practical option to keep in mind.  It’s just another thing to put into the package to help fill it out and make it look very full.

Fancy Creamers:  You can buy them in large containers, small individual serving sizes, and even in powder form, so they don’t need to be refrigerated.  You just might find a flavor the man or woman in your life is sure to love, which they’ve never tried prior. 

Stir Straws:  Anyone who used cream and sugar or sugar substitute would probably like to have a small package of stir sticks, just like they use at gas stations and restaurants.  This is another practical idea and one you can use to make it a complete package.

Individual Sugar or Sweet and Low:  The drinker can get just the right amount of sweetness added to their cup for the perfect taste.  This is a really good option because most people know exactly how many packets they like in their cup.

Filters: This is practical and at least you’ll know they will get used.  Sometimes if you get too fancy, you run the risk of the items you give away not getting used.  It’s a good way to fill up the package and make it look more complete.

Great Standalone Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Single Serve Coffee Makers:  Perfect for the single person, or for the occasions when they are the only one in the household who drinks it.  You can find them in stores or online for under $80.  They have become quite popular over recent years.

Coffee Grinders:  Some people, especially those who really love their java, are likely to really like a coffee grinder for grinding down their own beans and having a little more control over what goes into their coffee cup.  Plus, in many cases, it’s a little cheaper to do it this way, so the recipient can save a little money with your gift to them.

Gift Certificates:  Does the person like Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts?  Give them a gift card and they’re sure to put it to good use.  It’s a very practical option to keep in mind and one that you know will actually get used and not just placed into a cupboard and forgotten.

Coffee Maker/Percolator:  Since these can be rather expensive, they might make a really nice standalone type of gift for someone.  Since so many people really love coffee made in a percolator once they actually try it, it might be a really good option to keep in mind as you shop around.

Espresso or Cappuccino Maker:  Take it up a notch and encourage the recipient to expand their horizons a little bit.  This could be a really big hit at the party this year and it’s definitely a great gift idea for a coffee lover.