Dogs are furry members of the family. Their smiley, waggy tails can smooth the edges off the roughest day. You throw, they fetch. You throw, they fetch again. They bring so much joy and you want to give that joy right back. Well, dogs don’t really need much beyond the basics. But if your human side must indulge in dog gift giving to express your appreciation, here are some unique ideas.

For the dog

BulldogCredit: Sherri Lynn

  • Doggie day care gift certificates. While you slave away at work so you can buy their kibble, your dog could be enjoying a fun-filled day running and jumping at the nearest dog day care facility. The added bonus is they may be so worn out that you won’t get throwing-tennis-ball elbow that night.  
  • A dog seat belt. How many times have you seen the tiniest pooch hanging out the car window too far or sitting right in the owners lap behind the wheel? Dangerous! Get that dog a seat belt. They fit just like a harness with a loop in the back to slip a seat belt through.
  • Travel water bottle with a carrier that turns into a bowl. For the active dog, or for the dog who doesn’t like to drink out of the muddy pool at the dog park, you can pick up a dog water bottle for little cash.
  • Gourmet dog treat baskets. Whether you buy it pre-made and find a container and fill it with her favorite treats and toys, this option is sure to please.
  • Let the pooch get her bling on with crystal studded clip on dog collar jewelry. Whether she needs a princess crown or heart to remind you how big hers is, this gift is great for the dog fashionista. They clip onto the collar loop. 

For the dog lovers

And we can’t forget the dog lovers in your life. Here are some unique ideas.

  • A leash rack. For those owners who can never seem to find their keys let alone a leash, a simple coat rack by the door may solve their troubles. You can find dog themed racks or buy one that better fits into the décor of the owner’s home.
  • Car seat throw covers. Fur can be a pesky problem but you can protect their car with car seat throw covers. The back seat versions look like blankets and have Velcro ties to keep dogs off the floor mats.  
  • Have the dog's mug put on a mug. What is better than waking up with a cup of coffee in a mug plastered with their favorite pooch? And while you are in the photo lab, you could make a calendar, keychain...they’ll put a picture on just about anything.
  • Custom pet nose imprint necklaces. That’s right, your friend can smoosh his dog’s nose into clay and send it off only be returned a metal necklace of his pooch's imprint to keep forever.
  • And if the dog isn’t microchipped so he can be found if he loses his way, that gift could return the dog home safely. And that would be the best gift of all.