There are new WoW accessories available every week

World of Warcraft Accessories!If you know someone who is a World of Warcraft fanatic and you need to buy unique gifts for them how about taking a look at some of the latest world of warcraft accessories. No longer are you limited to the odd mousepad or shirt, there are some incredible WoW accessories out there. From figurines, clothes, a special edition world of warcraft mouse and the fantastic World of Warcraft Zygor addon, there's bound to be something to please the most crazed world of warcraft fan on your list.


WoW accessories for the fanatic

While technically these items listed here won't improve your gameplay online, they will provide the proper motivation when times are tough. Not only are these unique gifts for the warcraft fan, but they're pretty darn cool too!

World of Warcraft figurines

Warcraft FiguresAvailable now are figurines of every major class in the game. These are released in series and are sure to be collectors items in the future.

Here's a look at one, available on Amazon.

Pretty cool huh? Imagine the look on your WoW fans face when he/she gets one of these.

World of Warcraft inspired clothing

World of Warcraft FigurinesYep, they make clothes too. And not just any clothes, but ones with bonuses attached just like the items in world of warcraft.

I recently gave a hoodie with +20 frost resistance to my brother, needless to say he laughs at the winter now.

Here's a look at some of the world of warcraft clothes available on Amazon.

WoW accessories to improve your gameplay

There's a couple of amazing accessories available to improve your actual gameplay. These are plug and play and sure to put a smile on the most avid world of warcraft player.

Zboard World of Warcraft keysetFirst up is the StealSeries Zboard gaming keyboard keyset. To use this you need the base unit. The WoW keyset is the top part of the keyboard, and you just insert it into the top of the base unit. When you want to play a different game you just remove the WoW keyset and insert the new keyset.

The cool thing about this keyset is that it has all the WoW commands printed right on it, so there's no more guessing what key needs to be pressed.

SteelSeries Warcraft mouseNext up is the SteelSeries World of Warcraft special edition mouse. This baby is amazing, it is customizable with 16 million different color combinations for it's onboard lighting. It has 15 programmable keys and, get this, can store up to 10 different character profiles in it's onboard memory.

This is one of the best gaming accessories that any player can receive!

Wall art inspired by WoW

For the gamer who is truly immersed in the art and lore that is WoW there's available now wall art inspired by the game.  Over the years many artists have produced items that are truly worthy of display in your home, check them out here.

They Zygor WoW guide - The Finest Gift for the World of Warcraft Player

And finally I present what I consider a fantastic, must have gift for the avid World of Warcraft fanatic. If there's anything that'll take the Warcraft experience up countless notches it's the Zygor in game Alliance and Horde leveling guide. What this product offers is way too much for me to detail here, follow this link to see exactly what it's all about. The Zygor WoW leveling guide.

So there you have it, the most unique gifts available for the hardcore World of Warcraft player.