Going out for Halloween while being dressed up in an average and everyday costume is not a great idea; people want to see something different. Those around you want to see a costume that they are not used to seeing. This is where you will be able to use these unique Halloween costume ideas for women!

Not only are these 5 do-it-yourself Halloween costumes unique, but they are also really easy to execute. Most of them will only use the clothes, materials, and accessories that you already have in your house!

These are the perfect unique Halloween costumes to wear if you are on a tight budget or are looking for a last-minute outfit. Some people don’t want to spend $80 on a costume that they are only going to wear once, and others are stuck trying to find a costume to wear on October 30th! These unique Halloween costume ideas are perfect for you, regardless of which of those two women that you are!

Dress Up As A Backwards Person

This costume is extremely easy to execute, and is completely unique; hGroucho Marx Glasses And MustacheCredit: Amazon.comowever, for some odd reason, not many people choose to wear it on Halloween!

In order to make a backwards person costume you should gather all of the clothes and accessories that you would wear on a regular day. Once you have all of those clothes, you should put them on backwards!

I would recommend incorporating a baseball cap and sunglasses into this unique Halloween costume because it will really make people believe that you are a person walking backwards! In addition, you can buy a cheap mask from a costume store and wear it backwards!

Runaway Bride

This is one of the funniest unique Halloween costume ideas for women, an80's Bride Costume For WomenCredit: Amazon.comd absolutely perfect for ladies that like to attract a lot of attention. Dressing up as a runaway bride simply entails wearing a bridal dress with a pair of visible running shoes.

This unique Halloween costume will automatically attract a lot of attention because not many women choose to wear their bridal dress on Halloween. And then people’s eyes will be automatically drawn to the vibrant pair of sneakers that you are wearing, which will make them chuckle for hours.

Create your own DIY runaway bride costume with a gown and sneakers!

Striking At A Nude Beach

I have yet to see anybody wear this Halloween costume so it is completely unique. I came up with the idea one day while walking through a costume store, so I figured that I would share it in this article!

You’re going to dress up in any clothes that you like, and hang a sign around your neck that says something along the lines of “striking at a nude beach” or “nudist wanting a raise”. At first glance, people will be completely confused; however, they will be laughing their heads off after thinking about it for a few minutes!

This is the riskiest of the unique Halloween costume ideas that are featured in this article. Women, be careful where you wear this!

Create A DIY Street Costume

Dressing up as a street or highway is completely easy and only requires a few items that you already have around your house. It is also one of the most unique costumes thAll Black T Shirt And PantsCredit: Amazon.comat I have seen; women rarely wear it on Halloween.

Basically, put on a pair of black pants and a black shirt. A black hat is not a must, but it will definitely help the costume! Once you have those pieces of clothing on, you should head on over to your local hardware store and find some vibrant yellow tape.

I would recommend using reflective tape if you plan on going trick or treating...you will be seen much easier. Cut 4 inch strips of the tape and place them in a straight line vertically on your clothes. You will look like a road that has been divided into 2 lanes!

One of the best unique costume ideas for women to execute on Halloween!

Amazon has a ton of black clothes for sale at ridiculously discounted prices!

A Do-It-Yourself Twister Costume

Do you remember the fun game that was called “Twister”?Twister Costume For GirlsCredit: Amazon.com

The truth of the matter is that you can create your own unique do-it-yourself Halloween costume that represents the “Twister” game.

Simply wear a pair of white pants, a white shirt, and put red, blue, yellow, and green circle stickers all over your clothes. The clothes can be purchased from any inexpensive clothing store and the stickers can be purchased from the dollar store.

To really make this Halloween costume unique you can write down the word “Twister” somewhere on the shirt!

These unique Halloween costumes for women can be worn in many different situations; whether you’re going trick or treating or heading to a Halloween party, you can dress up in one of these!