Decorative hardware is one of the most essential elements of a home's interior design. Without doorknobs, hinges, drawer pulls and handles, the furniture and fixtures we take for granted in a house would not function. Such hardware pieces are right at the fulcrum of form and function, and yet, for the most part, they go unnoticed. But despite this, decorative hardware has a huge effect on the overall look and feel of a room's design, even if it is not immediately apparent. After all, it's the small details that truly make the whole.

In kitchens especially, decorative hardware plays a huge role in determining the space's overall décor. There are so many doors, cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces that make use of various decorative hardware elements that kitchens are the place where hardware pieces can rally make the style of the room. Here are just a few unique decorative hardware ideas for your kitchen to get you started.

Wooden Hardware
Wooden decorative hardware can be as unique and attention grabbing as any brass or metal hardware components. Whether you buy French hardware to stainless steel drawers or more traditional fixtures, it will lend a rustic, warm feel to any kitchen.

Victorian Styles
Victorian styles of decorative hardware can add flare to a boring or plain-style kitchen. And for kitchens with antique décor, they can complement the overall design very well. Victorian decorative hardware creates an air of old world elegance that you can't with the more modern designs.

Metal Hardware
Unique metal hardware pieces can go perfectly with modern style kitchens. Whether it's an art deco design that you're going for or a more sleek, modern one, stainless brass and stainless steel hardware can complement it well. Custom metal hardware can give a unifying theme the drawers and cabinets, bringing the overall design of the kitchen together.

Inlaid Stones
Decorative hardware pieces with inlaid stones and gems can stand out a lot in a kitchen. Some would argue, too much, but if used tastefully, kitchen hardware with inlaid stones can provide just the right accent to bring the design of your kitchen space together.