If you are looking for some unique ideas to decoration your home and family Christmas tree you have come to the right place. You can already notice that Christmas is coming so the time has arrived to start thinking of how to decorate your home and Christmas tree this year. Every family probably has their own traditions and in our family we always used to decorate the Christmas tree with the same silver and red decorations, but adding one special piece each year.

This tree decoration was normally something that would be representive of the year and most of the times it was either been given by friends or picked up on some holiday trip. It could also be something that would represent a special event that had taken place that year or a special family celebration so over the years the christmas tree decoration became more and personal, special and more meaningfull to us.

One of the christmas tree decorations that can add a special touch to your tree are those homemade decorations. If you are a family with kids it is of course a great way to spend the afternoon with your kids, making all sorts of christmas decorations. A really fun way I came across when looking for ideas for this year is the use of money origami christmas decorations.

Personally I had never even heard of the existence of money origami so it never crossed my mind to use origami christmas decorations this year to add that special touch to our tree, but after seeing some examples I am convinced it would be the perfect addition to our tree this year and you should have a look at all the wonderful and funny christmas decorations you can make with money origami and I am sure you would like them as well!

Money Origami Make for Unique Christmas Decorations

The great thing about these origami christmas decorations is that they come in all different forms and shapes and of course you can use any type of paper when creating them. Particularly the little stars and trees are great for decorating but you can even make christmas balls folded from money origami.

It takes a little practice and it is probably easiest to follow instructions that are designed to make this type of origami easy for everybody, even consider watching a few videos to get some more ideas and inspiration, but once you get started you too will become so enthusiastic that you will not want to stop making these christmas money origami decorations.

More Uses of Christmas Decorations Money Origami

The really neat thing is that they are not just for decorating your home or Christmas tree. Think about all the other uses they are perfect for during Christmas time. A lot of people will come by the house to collect a small yearly tip for their services, like for example the milkman or your newspaper delivery boy.

It is so much more fun to give them a few dollar bills folded into a little present, Christmas cracker or star than just handing them an envelop and it sure will put a smile on the faces of the receivers of money origami christmas decorations not expecting the gift with such a personal touch!