Great Adult Fun: But Children Can Wear Them Too!

Who would not know the characters that Johnny Depp has played over the course of his career. No matter how good, or how bad the character, Johnny Depp always finds a way to make us love that he is playing. He plays his characters so well that they have taken on a life of their own. Johnny Depp has personified many characters that have become famous like Edward Scrissorhands, Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, and who could forget the resourceful yet borderline insane-Captain Jack Sparrow. It is no wonder these lively characters make the perfect costumes for your parties.  


Captain Jack Sparrow(51158)Credit: AmazonMad Hatter Full CostumeCredit: Amazon

Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest Jack Sparrow Pirate Beads Replica

If you are portraying the role of Jack Sparrow for a party, be sure to have this replica of the beaded necklace of the character. It will surely make your costume complete and realistic. Your costume should be complete with all the accessories needed for your costume to look like the real one. This is 3" long Moroccan style beads with a touch of the exotic look of Jack Sparrow. It features a coin medallion with a brass antique finish.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat, Disney

If you are going to a costume party and would like to have a costume that will surely be an attraction, then Mad Hatter will definitely be the best costume to take. Of course, your wardrobe as Mad Hatter will never be complete without the famous hat. This hat has a Velcro adjuster so that you do not have to hold it every time you move.

Disguise Costumes Men's Mad Hatter Deluxe

This is the perfect Mad Hatter costume for anybody who would like to be the center of attraction in a costume party. This costume set comes with the jacket, bow, faux shirt front and hat. This is the complete costume that you can get to have that perfect Mad Hatter look at a party.

Willy Wonka Glasses

Again, your costume and wardrobe to look like one of the famous Johnny Depp characters will never be complete without the accessories. Willy Wonka can never be one without the shades. These shades have black frames and black lenses. You are assured that you will definitely look like Willy Wonka because it is the official and licensed product of Willy Wonka.

Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter Hat with Hair Wig Adult Accessory

Mad Hatter(51159)Credit: Amazon

To make one look more like Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland, a wig will be the best to use. This will add character to your costume and can make your look more realistic. This product is officially licensed by Disney. It has a Velcro adjuster so that it can fit any head size. The hat and wig is connected with each other so that it will be more convenient to wear it especially at a fun party.


Disguise Costumes Men's Mad Hatter Prestige

This is your closest way to look like Mad Hatter. This costume set includes the pants, hat, jacket, shirt and bow. The hat also comes with an orange wig to make your look more realistic. This will be your perfect disguise and be the main attraction in a party. If you are exerting the effort to look exactly like the character you are portraying, then this is the best product for you to use.


Sweeny Todd Necklace

Sweeny Todd has definitely gained good popularity in the movies. And this is also a good costume to choose if you want to look like the real Johnny Depp in the film of course. This necklace can be your best accessory to look like Sweeny Todd. Your costume is incomplete if your accessories are incomplete as well.

Sweeney Todd Adult Costume

This is definitely a great costume to use. You will definitely become popular in the party that you will be attending with this costume. This costume set is for adults. This includes tops, dickie and the pants. You can also purchase the necklace as your accessory.

Willy Wonka Charlie Chocolate Factory Purple Felt Hat

Willy Wonka can never be one without the purple hat. This is what made the character so memorable especially among the kids. This Willy Wonka hat is lightweight and is perfect for kid’s plays or costume parties. This can definitely attract attention as your costume as Willy Wonka will be complete with this hat.

Electric Mad Hatter Wig (Adult)

This hat can only be used by adults. The hat will also have its own connected hat to make the look more perfectly like Mad Hatter. Aside from your wardrobe as the Mad Hatter, the wig and hat can add attraction to your costume and be a crowd drawer in a costume party.

Mad Hatter Pre-Teen Costume

Who says that only the males can wear a popular Johnny Depp costume? Even the girls will have their chance to become the character that they have loved in the film. This Mad Hatter costume for the pre-teen girls will perfectly be an attraction in the party. This costume set includes dress, petticoat, and hat.

Mad Hatter Costume - Child Costume

Children are the ones who usually go to costume parties. And this Mad Hatter costume for the little girls is perfect to make everyone be amazed with your child’s costume. This costume set includes a top, dress, petticoat and hat. This costume can surely make your child become the center of attention in a party because it perfectly resembles the costume of the real Mad Hatter.