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It's February 13th and your wife or girlfriend suddenly reminded you that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Oops!  Now what do you do?  You can't just run to your local grocery store and grab something off of the shelf!  You need something personal, something that looked like you actually put some real thought into it - otherwise, you're dead man walking…

Here are some great last minute Valentine Day gift ideas to help you out of your predicament:
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Use the convenience of digital photos and the photo department at your local drug store to make a memory-filled gift for your love.  Go through your collection of digital photos from your computer, Facebook, or blog and pick out your favorite ones.  Then either use the tools on your drug store's website or at their store to make a photobook or collage to go up on their wall.
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Out on the Town

Make plans to take her out on the town.  I'm not talking about Denny's followed by a walk in the park.  Stop right now and make reservation at her favorite restaurant.  If there are no tables available or you don't know where to go, checked out – a reservation website that can help you find the best places in town.

After you have your food dealt with, look for events that are happening near the restaurant.  Maybe a local gallery is doing a show or a theatre is showing a special movie.  Or you might even find a cool wine-tasting event at a local wine store or winery.  Snatch up a couple tickets, sit back, and enjoy the fun!
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You can always go old-school and order flowers to be delivered to her work.  Try to personalize it by including her favorite flower or colors.   Online sites like or 1-800-Flowers can make the picking of your flowers easier. 
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Picnic Lunch

Surprise your girl by coming to her work at lunch time with a picnic lunch in hand.  You'll need some time to do this, so make sure your boss knows you're going to take an extended lunch that day.  To make things easier, you can buy ready-made foods from the deli at your local grocery store or better yet, grab something to go from your love's favorite restaurant.  Not only will she feel special but you'll leave a great impression on her co-workers!  Oh, and don't forget to buy some flowers on your way!
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Special Chocolate Surprise

Head on over to your local chocolatiere and grab a box of yummy gourmet chocolates.  There is usually at least one specialty chocolate shop in or near every town – it just takes a quick Google search to find one near you.  For example, well-known chocolatiere, Godiva, is all over the United States, usually in malls or shopping centers, and have a wide selection of treats ready to head out the door. 

Whatever you do, do not settle for those tacky red hearts that you find in your local grocery or drug store.  These are usually filled months before Valentine's Day, so by the time your love cracks it open in February, they're stale and bland.  Don't torture her with old candy – buy quality stuff that she will actually love to eat!
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Lover's Getaway

What better way to save yourself from romantic disaster than to plan a mini-vacation for you and wife or girlfriend.  Online travel websites like and Travelocity always have great last-minute specials on their websites.  Best of all, you could actually save some serious money by booking at the last minute!  Browse through the deals and see if one of the deals fits your budget and schedule. 

If you're not sure about her schedule but still want to take her on a trip, present her with a homemade gift certificate explaining where you want to take her.  You can even leave the "where" up to her, as long as she knows your budget.  This is a great way to surprise her without upsetting her schedule.
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Check Social Media sites like Groupon for great last-minute gift ideas.  They know that there are guys like you who are desperately seeking a last-minute gift for their love.  Not only will they help you find the perfect gift, but can save you some money too!
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Gift Cards

If you're at a lost as to what to buy her, there are always gift cards waiting in the wings.  Don't just cop out and grab a card from a department or discount store but rather, find out what her favorite store is and grab one from there. 

If she had a hobby, like knitting or cooking, buy a gift card to a store where she can buy stuff for it.  If she's a coffee drinker, you could always grab a card to her favorite coffee shop and tuck it inside of a new travel coffee cup so she can enjoy her coffee anywhere.

As you can see, there are ways to you can save yourself from total Valentine's disaster.  The important thing is to keep it personal so the love of your life can feel like she's a super-special part of your life.

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