Men usually don’t wear jewelry and most wear only one: a wedding ring. So, it makes sense to choose something that no one else has. Unique men’s wedding bands are now in the market but because of the large number of choices, it may seem overwhelming to any man who just wants to choose a ring that is perfect for him. In order to choose or create a unique wedding ring, a man has to do several things.

The Material

First, a man has to choose the type of metal his ring will be made of. The usual choices are:

  • gold
  • white gold
  • silver

The new choices, that are more fitting for men, are:


  • highly resistant to scratches
  • has a dark lustrous color with a mirror finish


  • good choice especially for those with allergies to some jewellery materials
  • light (1/3 the weight of gold)
  • can withstand a large amount of wear and tear without tarnishing its beautiful polish.  It even has different colors: the usual silver, black, and sunset


  • considered one of the rarest of metals and is therefore very expensive
  • heavier and is used in almost its pure form which is around 95%
  • also very durable
  • most of its appeal is because of its appearance (it is very white) and its status symbol

Stainless Steel

  • perfect choice for those who want the durability of titanium and tungsten but want a more affordable ring
  • hypoallergenic alloy
  • more abundant than the others and is more easily processed


After choosing the metal of the ring, you’ll have to choose the design of the ring.

Men’s Claddagh Rings

  • symbolize friendship, love and loyalty
  • design is usually two hands holding a heart with a crown on top
  • one of the most popular of the men’s Claddagh rings is the signet Claddagh ring. Unlike the usual, this ring looks more like a family heirloom with the symbols (hands, heart, and crown) raised on the center rather than engraved.
  • men’s Claddagh rings also can include gems such as emeralds, diamonds, and even a ruby instead of an engraved or molded heart

Puzzle Design

  • some of the great puzzle designs include the Dora puzzle design and the interlocking design
  • both designs make it seem that you are wearing two rings that lock into one (symbolizing your unity as a couple)

Two-Tone / Three Tone

  • combine two to three materials in one
  • it’s stylish but not “too much” for men
  • you can have a more intricate design for the woman and simpler for the man

Tribal Knots

There are different tribal knots available. The intricacy makes it fitting for women but the history makes it fitting for men. Check out

  • Polynesian is characterized by blocked and bold designs
  • Celtic knots are the ones that create the illuson a "no end no beginning" knots
  • Maori Tribal Pattern

For the best and most unique wedding ring, my advice is to create your own and discuss it with your jeweller. Engage your imagination and you’ll get to have a one-of-a-kind ring that perfectly symbolizes you and your relationship with your soon-to-be wife.


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Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring(111334)

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

Maori Tribal Pattern

Maori Tribal Pattern

Celtic Knots Pattern

Celtic Knots Pattern

Polynesian Tribal Pattern

Polynesian Tribal Pattern

Puzzle Wedding Rings

Puzzle Wedding Rings