Giving the Unique Gift

The most anticipated day arrives.  That precious baby of a relative or friend is here.  What is a unique baby gift for the special delivery?  Personalize your gift but in a bit of an unusual way.  Yours could be the most perfect baby gift of all.  Make a keepsake box filled with items thUnique Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Ideaat tell about the world on that special day. It could be a gift revisited on birthdays for years to come.

The word personalization typically means just putting the baby’s name on a picture frame, blanket, bib, or some item.  The word takes on a different slant for this awesome gift.  Make an “On Day You Were Born” keepsake box.

Most of the items in the box will truly be keepsakes that parents and baby will appreciate now and in the future. What goes in this special box?

1.    Start with one item that parents a baby can share immediately.  A book is always a splendid idea as it promotes sharing time between parents and child.   A terrific choice is On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier.  Frasier’s work has welcomed newborns for a few years now.  It is the delightful story of the “workings” of the world including the earth, moon, and skies.  A musical CD now accompanies the text. Write your special welcome to the world message to the baby and parents on the inside cover.

2.    Then, do just a bit of collecting for the keepsake part of the gift. Purchase a local newspaper for the birth city and maybe even a few other  publications of a broader scope  like U.S.A. Today.  Buying the current edition of a couple of magazines that tell the story of the day are delightful additions.  People  and Time  Magazine publications fit that description.

3.    A delightful gift would be at hand with just the book, the newspaper, and  magazines.  Going just a bit further adds to the fun of this memorable baby gift.  Take a few pictures that thGas Prices(55729)e new mom and dad might not think to get.  Take a close up picture of prices posted at a gas station on that special day.  That will be entertaining in years to come as a flashback. A close-up sign of the street sign where the parents now live is unique.  Put these few noteworthy “how it was on the day you were born” pictures on a disk.  Print them out and include the CD.  Be creative.  The possibilities are endless.

4.    Find a suitable box to put the items in as the gift is  a keepsake.

This ultimate personalized gift is one with which to have fun. Appreciation for the thoughtful, unusual present is a certainty.