Solar lighting has come to play a large role in outdoor design. Homeowners have taken to solar powered lighting for several reasons. Their convenience is unparalleled because they require no maintenance, turn on and off automatically, and are not connected to the power grid. As technology has gotten smaller, so have solar light mounts. This allows for a huge variety of mount types to be manufactured. Whether you like path, stake or string lights, there is a high quality, dependable solar light product for you. Installation is as simple as taking it out of the box and setting it in your yard. Here are some examples of solar lighting products currently on the market.

Post Cap Lamp Light

Chances are you haven't heard of these types of solar lights, but once you read about it you are sure to want one. Cap lights are placed on the ends of fence posts to mark the boundaries of a yard. They can also be placed on lone wooden posts placed at key points around the yard. The cap is placed on the post and secured with two screws. Designs can range from modern to country style, perfectly complimenting the current design of your yard.

Solar Path Lights

Perhaps the most common type of solar light used around homes, path lights are used to light up walkways. They not only help avoid tripping, they also have a distinct look that adds class to any yard. Built in light sensors automatically turn the pods on at night. Designs and colors range widely, but they all basically work the same way. At the bottom of the light pod is a plastic stake which is stuck into the ground. Users are not limited by wire lengths and are free to place them anywhere they like. Energy is captured into a battery pack during the day which is used to power the LED light bulbs during the night.

Solar Rock Light

A rock light may seem like something from the Flintstones, but it is actually a realistic, artificial rock that has a spotlight built into the face. The rock light can be placed anywhere in your garden. At night, the rock's light comes on and lights up a chosen portion of your yard. The light remains lit for several hours after dusk. The batteries are kept hidden in a secret compartment underneath. A rock light is the perfect way to accent a yard without using intrusive looking light mounts.

Color Changing Dragonfly Stake

For a truly colorful effect, consider placing a dragonfly stake into your garden. It works just like any other solar light except it changes colors. A beautiful array of colors gives your garden a unique flair. The colorful dragonfly is a welcome addition to any yard. Instead of becoming bored with a stationary light, a dragonfly light provides a rainbow of colors that few solar lights can achieve.