When you are shopping for many different people, the idea of giving some type of perfume gifts is an alluring one. There is many different types of scents out there that you can choose from to help you to pair the right present with the right person. For some the idea of being able to walk into a store and pick up an already made gift box or basket is great. However if you want something a bit more unique when it comes to perfume gifts, there is hope.

There are many different items that come in most of the top selling fragrances. This is truly an unknown piece of information. There are people that might love a particular scent that would not even know how many different products that the scent actually comes in.

Solid Perfume Compacts

Solid perfumes are a gel or solid piece of the fragrance that has usually been loaded into an easy dispensing tube or a decorative compact. The tubes are great as a way for someone to carry their favorite fragrance with them in their pocket or purse without having to worry about it spilling. The decorative compacts can also be carried in the purse for ease. There are even people who collect these compacts because they are works of art in and of themselves. Estee Lauder has a long standing tradition of great some amazing compacts that are great perfume gifts.

Bath Products

Many women love to use bath products as a way to treat themselves. You can use this as a way to create unique perfume gifts. You are not just limited to the bath products that you can find in the aisles at your local drug store. Many of the top selling perfumes come in their own bath products. From bath beads, shower gels, and body powder, there are many great products to choose from. You can combine a couple of these items together to create a one of a kind bath set.

Limited Edition

Estee Lauder has long been known for coming out with limited edition renditions of their top fragrances during the holidays. One year, they might add a shimmer to some of the scents to give you something to present as a perfume gift that you know that the person does not already have. There are also lighter versions of the same scents that can be described as more of a body spray. Make sure that you check out what type of limited edition products are available in the perfumes that you are looking at to buy.

When you are using perfume gifts as a way to check off many people on your shopping list, you do not just have to wrap up a box of spray. There are many great options out there in the top selling scents for you to choose from. Doing this will assure you that you are giving the person on your list something that they do not already have. You can find many of the many mentioned items available for sale online.