In a child's eye, nothing beats the good things that Halloween brings. There are the sweet stuff with each stop for the trick and treat portion. Another thing that kids love doing is dressing up as their favorite characters. Little girls, more specifically, are going after the entire possible princess Halloween costumes they can think of.

For adults, it might seem like all princesses in fairytales and similar kiddie's tales are just similar to each other, if not completely the same one. When it comes to the little girls, however, they tend to be quite particular about the princess costumes they don during the Halloween celebration. Here are some of the Halloween princess costumes that are popular for the little missus of today.

1. Gothic Princess - Although the common effect of gothic themes revolve around dark makeup and the likes, they can also be something that relates to the Renaissance period. A Renaissance-styled dress paired with pale makeup is the perfect way to achieve this look.

2. Fairy Princess - Another great option for princess Halloween costumes is that of a fairy princess. Kids love stories involving magical stuff, and having both the ability to fly and be a beautiful princess at the same time is definitely irresistible for the little ladies. All it takes is a pretty dress, a lovely tiara and a pair of beautiful wings.

3. Princess Leia - Everyone knows about Star Wars, and a lot of girls in town have had visions of how they want to be like Princess Leia. This can easily be turned into reality during Halloween. With the bun do, robe-like dress and that clunky white boots, any little girl can be Princess Leia trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

4. Princess Fiona - Shrek is popular, but Princess Fiona has her own set of followers as well when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. The perfect costume entails red hair, green skin and those unique ogre ears.

5. Medieval Princess - This is a preferred costume by many girls because most of those outfits with this style end up being really feminine. They are also elaborately designed, making them instant favorites of the younger female population.

When it comes to princess Halloween costumes, there are a lot of choices for the young ladies to choose from. They do not have to worry about dressing up exactly the same as another girl in the block who also wants to be a princess on that day.

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