An employee that has faithfully served for 20, 25, or 30 or more years deserves something out of the ordinary and very special as a retirement gift. This person has given over almost a quarter or third of their life to your company and to you. They should be treated appropriately for their outstanding service as they move into retirement and the twilight years, and these ideas should help you find the perfect gift to mark the occasion..

Great retirement gifts should speak about the quality of work produced, the faithful qualities of the employee and be something that can be cherished by those who will come behind the retiree. It should be a gift that is personal but not something that may simply rest on a shelf. A retirement gift should be a gift that has a purpose and point not merely something given for the sake of giving a retirement gift.

Historically, gentlemen would get a watch. While a watch is a fine gift, as a retirement piece it replogle-globe-unique-retirment-gift-ideaCredit: Amazonshould be a special watch, and a watch that the retiree will not only appreciate greatly but also be able to think back to the pleasant memories of employment within your company. Consider a watch, but carefully consider the quality of the timepiece. Give a watch that speaks of 30+ years of service, not something that is kitch and cheap.

A BEAUTIFUL GLOBE Makes a Distinctive Gift

If you choose to be original and novel, consider giving a globe as a gift. A nicely designed globe (by Replogle Globes for example) sitting appropriately on the correct axis will be a conversation piece for friends and family of the retiree. Many examples are available and including etching or a brass nameplate insures the gift is a personal gift. Friends and family will be sure to read the information and know the years of faithful and dedicated service of the employee.

If your retiree is a lady, they deserve the same respect and kind thoughts -- and depending on where they worked, may deserve even more of a tribute for their accomplishments and for fixing the status quo. Faithful service should be returned in kind regardless; however, ladies might not care as much for material things like watches and globes. You may want to consider something else instead.

For ladies who enjoy pampering and being treated specially, a spa gift certificate or even a membership is a nice gesture. Spas will have a full treatment line for the retiree. A full membership means a gift that will continue to give long after your employee is gone but will insure the employee remembers you and the business.

EXPERIENCE GIFT: Luxury Yacht Charter

For an extra-special or valuable employee that has gone above and beyond, a luxury yacht charter for a vacation or getaway is an excellent choice. Because vacations build memories and do not sit on a shelf or in a drawer, it can be a retirement gift that will become the envy of many. Spend some time really looking and there may be deals for retirement gifts or retirees.

A retiring employee is family. Family deserves the very best you can give them. This brief list of retirement gifts only scratches the surface. Use these, or use this list to come up with a more appropriate gift.