If you are a closet “shoeaholic” and have a pair for every event you could ever anticipate, then you are likely tripping over them at the door or filling the bottom of your closet.  You may also find just one of them and somehow the partner has disappeared into the abyss never to be seen again which means, shopping!

But just where do you find shoe storage that doesn’t take up your entire space? You want it accessible and yet creative and unique and to show off your fashion accessories and keep them in perfect condition.

So here are a few ideas that will utilize very little space but give you a good visual of the shoes you own and this way they are at your fingertips for whatever event you need them for and in good shape.  No more digging on your hands and knees in the bottom of that dark closet with all the dust bunnies.

Shoe TreeCredit: Amazon.com

Shoe Tree

I think this is the ultimate in shoe storage.  It is only 12 inches wide but 38 inches tall and revolves.  If you have a corner in your closet you could put it in there and it spins so you can find the pair you want.  It holds 18 pairs, so maybe you will need two depending on your footwear habit!

It could also sit in a corner of a room or if you prefer to keep them near an entrance this is actually a functional piece of shoe art to show off your beauties!

This is an affordable option to get them off the floor and into view and in pairs so you can easily pick out the ones you want.  You could have a couple and one for seasonal footwear and one for what you wear right now.

Under Bed Shoe StorageCredit: Amazon.com
DAZZ Underbed Shoe Organizer, Champagne Collection, Beige
Amazon Price: $13.99 $6.16 Buy Now
(price as of May 30, 2014)

Under Bed Shoe Storage

If your space is very tight and it is at a premium but you don’t want to give up any of your footwear, then why not use the space under your bed? 

You can get these portable drawers online that will hold all your special pairs and all you have to do is simply slide it out and there they are ready for you to either put away or get out.  You will have to get into the habit of putting them away, so you will want to make sure this is very accessible.   No more simply kicking them off under the bed!

If you own many pairs, then you could get four of these and have 2 drawers on each side of your bed, and divide them up into seasonal so you are not having to pull them all out to find a pair of sandals.

Shoe Storage CabinetCredit: Amazon.com
ClosetMaid 15-Cubby Shoe Organizer, White
Amazon Price: $32.03 Buy Now
(price as of May 30, 2014)

Shoe Storage Cabinet

If you have wall space either in your room, closet or in the entrance area of your space, then consider getting them off the floor altogether, and putting this really cute cubby cabinet on the wall.

They will be at eye level, and you are likely to put them away if this unit is in plain view.  This is perfect if floor space is at a premium but you have some wall space.  You could even put this on the back of the closet wall if it is deep enough.  There are many options with this unit and it is affordable and looks good.

Shoe Storage BenchCredit: Amazon.com
Wooden Shoe Bench
Amazon Price: $23.18 Buy Now
(price as of May 30, 2014)

Bench With Shoe Storage

If you have the room at your entrance then this will do double duty.  It is a perfect place to sit and put on your favourite boots, sandals or sneakers and yet also store all your most used pairs.  They are open so that you can see them. 

You just have to make a point of placing them there when you are finished with them for the day.  The entrance area can get busy with coats and accessories so having a place for everything that is easy to use will keep this are clean and stop anyone tripping over debris on the floor.

So, if you thought the only way to store your favourite footwear was to kick them off into the bottom of the closet, then maybe it is time for a good clean out.

Take a couple of hours and really get in there and pull them all out of the closet.  You may have to dig, but it will be worth it.  Pair them up and then look at them as you pull them out and decide if they have seen better days.

If so have a garbage bag handy to get rid of them.  You may even find ones you forgot you had and it will feel like Christmas time!

Once you have them all out of there and from all various places in the house, you can now give the floor a good clean or vacuum to get rid of those dust bunnies that always seem to migrate into the closet somehow and into everything.

Then decide on a type of storage that would work best for you and your space and then you can see at a glance just what you own. You may need all of the above options if you have a large investment of footwear. 

 I have a friend that actually bought a duplicate pair simply because she forgot that somewhere in the bottom of the pile there were the same ones.  So, she donated a pair.

If they are hardly worn and you don’t want them anymore, then also have a bag for donating.  You don’t want to donate totally worn out sneakers but shoes that are in good shape are always appreciated.

You could also have a “swap meet” with your friends, especially if you are the same size. 

Once you have a storage system worked out for your space, now you can decide if you need to go shopping.  If every corner of your storage is filled, then maybe you have enough?

Or do you ever have enough shoes?