boot planter

Planning and preparing to host a party takes some focused energy. Most hosts know their guests, and gear the party toward making it pleasurable and successful for all. When the magic moments arrive and the greetings have begun, all the prep work is made worthwhile when a guest hands the host a gift, thanking her/him for having the party.

Remembering the host/hostess with gifts is not just good etiquette, it is good memory. The idea of giving a hostess gift, and following through with it makes the event more personable and memorable. Eventually it can become a tradition that surprises and delights the host and the guest.

Thank You Hostess Gifts

First go with your intuitions about what you know of her. If she works or has a career that she enjoys it is always nice to highlight that. For instance, if she is a pilot or a flight attendant, she may love a set of nice lip chap or lip gloss. They are easily misplaced when traveling and no doubt the extras will be used. Maybe she doesn't work, but she is a modern contemplative, she practices meditation and spiritual arts. She might love an extra shawl to wrap around herself when meditating. There are thriving second hand stores where beautiful shawls can be had for a reasonable price, you don't have to spend big bucks to offer unique thank you gifts. Another idea is to make a pillow for her to lean her back against, or sit on when meditating. You can use your own sweaters or t-shirts that you are ready to pass on. They can be the outside of the pillow, and the stuffing can be from store bought batting, or foam.

If you are a friend of the guest and don't know the host, then it would be nice to be a part of the guest's gift. Assist your friend by helping with money for the gift, or making it, or brainstorming. Maybe you received something unique as a host gift and you can pass the idea on.

Thank You Host Gifts for Men

I love the gift idea of a big old boot that has been transformed into a planter for a man. Boots can also be easily found at a thrift store. Transforming them into a planter is easy too. A cowboy boot or boot with laces works well. Clean up the outside of the boot, and spray it with a waterproof. Be sure to loosen the laces if necessary. Then you could use an acrylic paint to theme it, or just touch it up. Place a potted plant in it, and voila, a work of art for a host! Another idea is to make up a mix of his favorite music (jazz, classical, country, rock, etc.) and download it on a USB flash stick. You can put it in with a handmade card that has the music titles listed. A homemade treat like chocolate bark, or a purchased bakery delicacy is also very nice for a host. Not all men cook and even fewer bake, so that is always a well received thank you gift.

Mostly, just giving a unique gift shows caring, which is what we want, to be cared for! All thank you gifts are personalized because you cared to give them.

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