We all want to decorate our homes in a style that suits our personality. This article will show you some unique toilet designs to suit your character, ranging from the funny to the extreme.

The toilet for animal lovers

Toilet for animal lovers: The fish tank toileet

An ideal toilet for animal lovers, this loo brings animal into the bathroom. The fish tank  boosts all the commodities of a normal fishtank such as a dual filter system, LED lights, thermometer and even artificial plants. There's no danger of flushing the fish though as the aquarium and flush tank are two seperate elements. Just remember to feed the fish!

The toilet for the lazy

Toilet for the lazy: The Japanese Robotic ToiletCredit: Current.com

The Japanese Robotic Toilet is ideal for the lazy man or lazy woman's home. This toilet not only automatically opens and closes the toilet seat cover. Once you've done your business, the toilet will rinse and dry your bottom as well. 

The toilet for music lovers

Toilet for music lovers: The guitar toiletCredit: fr1zz

The ideal addition to any music lover's home, this guitar toilet seat and cover will truly bring music into your bathroom. 

The toilet for sci-fi lovers

Toilet for sci-fi fans: The admiral Ackbar toiletCredit: Brendon Phillips

The Admiral Ackbar Toilet is perfect for sci-fi lovers. This toilet designed by Brendon Phillips is the ideal for those who've always wanted to own a little piece of star wars. To make the scene complete, his assistant says "It's a crap", a reference to the famous star wars quote "It's a trap". I'm sure this toilet would make a wonderful addition to any geek's home.

The toilet for the environmentally friendly

Toilet for the environmentally friendly: The composting toiletCredit: Envirolet

The Envirolet MS10 Composting Toilet will help you do your bit for the environment. This waterless loo is completely self-contained. Odours are removed using 2 fans. Designed for 8 people to do their business on a daily basis, the toilet takes a year to fill up. Maybe not the most stylish or comfortable addition to your bathroom but most definitely the most environmentally friendly one.

The toilet for geeks

The toilet for geeks: The Air PooCredit: Apple

Can't live without your ipod or Macbook? Then this is the loo for you. The Air Poo boosts an Ipod and Macbook Air docking station. And for those longer visits, the Air Poo also has a heated seat to keep your bottom nice and warm while you play your favourite music through the Integrated Surround Sound System.

The toilet for frequent travellers

The toilet for frequent travellers: The briefcase toiletCredit: AmericanInventorSpot.com

If you're on the road a lot, are a frequent traveller or don't like using public toilets then this suitcase toilet is for you. The loo is cleverly hidden in a leather suitcase. In addition to the seat, the briefcase features a swinging out paper dispenser and a sealed waste tank. The weight capacity of the suitcase is 80 kilo's or 175 pounds which unfortunately makes it unsuitable for the heavier person.

The toilet for those who want it all

Pimped-out toilet

Quite probably the most extravagent loo ever, the pimped-out john takes using the bathroom to new heights. The loo boosts a variety of gadgets such as a 20 inch LCD TV, a DVD player, an XBox 360, a laptop with robot arm and an iPod docking station.