Occasionally every writer gets stuck on what to write about.  If you are going to create a lot of web content you are going to need lots of ideas, and good ones that are SEO friendly and for which there are readers.  

Here are some places to look for topic ideas next time you get a little stuck.

WebAnswers and Other Q&A Sites

Head over to WebAnswers and look at questions in topic areas you like to write about. Providing complete answer to one or more related questions often results in an excellent article.  

If you look closely you can see how many views a question has, giving you some idea of the popularity of that question.  

I recommend WebAnswers over Yahoo Answers because you can make money asking and answering questions at WebAnswers while looking for article ideas instead of just enriching Yahoo on their site. 

Ads on Articles

We all dislike poorly matched ads on our articles, but you can turn this around. Look at the Google Ads you see and consider writing articles that fit the ads perfectly.  You know that there is a paying advertiser and likely a market for whatever they are selling.  

A real life example. I published an article on the effective use of author signatures on a writing site. I was not expecting highly relevent ads because that is not a commercial topic - more about helping other writers. However, while double checking the article I spotted two ads for email signature management solutions.  That IS a commercial topic and something my last company could have really used.  Did a little research and within a few minutes I published an article on email signature management solutions.  Just don't click your ads or others on a site you write for, rather go type in the URL in a new tab to go exploring.

Affiliate Marketplaces

You could write whatever you want and then go looking for a product to fit the article, but you'll have more success looking around in an affiliate marketplace for something worth writing about and adding the appropriate affiliate links.   This is where an article like Golf Clubs for Rent in San Diego came from - start with the product and write to that. 

Write What You Research

As a person with an enquiring mind, you are always looking up information. If you are curious about something likely other people are too.  Why not turn your research into an article? Infobarrel writer tracymorris did just that.  She researched the cost of cord blood storage because she wanted to know for her upcoming baby, then wrote up what she learned.  Title the article and use subheadings based on how you search for the information yourself. 

Google Suggest

Start typing something into Google and a computer starts filling in what it thinks you are thinking.  This technology has been improving before our eyes in the last year or so and it may be a much better way to pick article topics then some of the keyword tools.

Type in something like "How to" or "define" and then add a letter or a few letters to see what comes up as a suggested search.  For example "How to hi" brings up 4 suggestions including How to hide friends on facebook, how to hide apps on iPhone.  These are evidently questions that people are searching for on Google. 

Extend this further by looking at the bottom of the search results page for other suggestions.  Sometimes the original search term makes a good title and some of the related search terms make great headings and other keywords within the same article.  If you don't get enough related keyword strings, click through a related search term and see what Google thinks is related to that search term.

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