Unique Valentine's cards are really going to make your holiday different. This is especially important if you've been dating or married to the same person for quite a while and you give a card every single year. You can just find very unique ways to really change this up.

If you're just working with something like basic construction paper or card stock then you really need to make it very special. A great way to do this is going to be to go for more of a collage kind of effect. You could just get several smaller cards and write a letter on each of them and then arrange them on the table or the wall to really change up your typical card.

Another option for your unique valentine card is going to be to use a camera. You can look around for stones that are in the shape of hearts. You can arrange candy in one of these shapes. This is going to give a very unique effect to your heart. You can just keep it very basic by applying it to a plain card with photo corners. Another option would be to create a romantic Victorian collage effect by layering on a lot of different patterned scrapbooking pages.

This really doesn't have to be anything fancy. The key here is really going to be to put a lot of thought into the piece. This can be a keepsake that lines the mantle and it might even be something that turns into a heirloom kind of piece. Just try writing a good old fashioned love letter. All you're really going to need is a piece of paper and a pen. You could get very elaborate with parchment paper but the sentiment is really what is important. This is really going to be something that she cherishes a lot more than just your basic greeting card with your signature at the bottom. Ask your loved one's parents for pictures of your spouse or girlfriend when they were a kid. You could also include a picture of yourself.

Another thing that you can really make a lot of use of is going to be your junk drawer. This can include a lot of old game pieces. If they are Scrabble tiles maybe you could spell out the word love. Another option would be for you to go for a very Victorian kind of effect. This is going to use all different kinds of ribbon and lace. Even if you don't have a proper sewing room you might have a few of these items left over from gift wrapping. Craft paper especially in brown forms can add a country kind of touch to the card. In this case, you could just crumple up the paper and cut it into a heart. These simplistic shapes are really going to show off the beauty of the material as well as your creativity. Even if you aren't an artist you can probably find a lot of different Valentine's scrapbooking papers or you can probably draw a heart.