If you want February 14th of this year to be a memorable one, you will certainly need to move past the bouquet of red roses to some more unique Valentine’s Day ideas.  While some people see Valentine’s Day as a holiday concocted by card companies, this special day is another great time to tell your significant other how you truly feel about them.  Make no mistakes though, unique gift ideas and dates can be wonderful, but do not think that completely rids you of giving the more traditional roses or box of chocolates—those gifts are almost always appreciated.

Unique Date Ideas

Nothing Beats a Romantic Dinner at Home

Whether you do most of the cooking at home or not, a romantic dinner at home is always a good idea for Valentine’s Day.  This is a great way to avoid the hoards of people that go out on Valentine’s, but it is also a gesture of your love and commitment.  This dinner, however, cannot be like any other standard dinner that you cook.  Go all out.  Make something fancy that you have never made before, or you may simply just want to make your partner’s favorite meal.  If you aren’t the best cook, be sure to get some tips from a friend (or you may even want to get the aid of a friend if you are an especially bad cook). 

Be sure to light some candles and add some other romantic flair to your dining table.  Perhaps a bouquet of roses as a centerpiece or some romantic background music is just the ticket.  Make sure to top the meal off with a romantic desert. 

Surprise Your Significant Other In the Morning

Similar to the romantic dinner at home, why don’t you try surprising your partner with a romantic breakfast in bed?  Perhaps make out a special menu full of your favorite breakfast meals and present the menu in the early hours of the morning.  Obviously, be sure that you have the ingredients available to make each of the menu items.   This is a great off-beat way to begin the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  Again, do not think this is all you should do for the day.  Make sure you supplement the day with a dinner (in or out), along with the more traditional Valentine’s flair. 

Visit Locations With Meaning

Consider a full night’s date that visits areas around your city or town that have a special meaning to the two of you.  Perhaps there is a local park where you once had a special picnic, or maybe there is a local restaurant where you had your first date.  Whatever you do and wherever you go, tie it into the history of your relationship.  You do not necessarily need to recreate the past.  Rather, just take a walk past these places that hold significance and create some new memories. 

Definitely consider recreating your first date.  Go to the same place for dinner and watch the same movie when you get home.  Thoughtful dates such as this will always be appreciated. 

Do Something Different

Do you and your man or woman usually go to dinner and a movie?  Don’t do that on Valentine’s Day.  Do you rarely ever go out for a romantic dinner on the town?  Do something special and go to a new romantic date location.  Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, just be sure you aren’t rehashing the norm in your relationship.  Try putting some deliberate thought something that is completely different just wholly romantic. 

Have a “Typical” Valentine’s

So, really, there is nothing unique about a Hollywood Valentine’s Day.  Do everything by the book.  Go to dinner at the most romantic restaurant in town.  Send her flowers and chocolates at work and give her a thoughtful card.  This date may seem pretty standard, but if you put the proper thought into your date, you will certainly wind up with a memorable February 14th

Go to Church

If God is a central part of your relationship, consider going to church as a way to acknowledge the focus of your relationship.  On Valentine's Day it is really easy to completely focus on your partner, but sometimes it can be good to take a step back and realize what is truly most important in your life.  

Unique Gift Ideas

Love Note Scavenger Hunt

Write your partner a love note and paste it on the mirror in the morning.  This love note could in essence be a clue to lead your lady or man to another love note, which will ultimately lead to a thoughtful, romantic gift. 

“Love” Balloons

Place love notes and candies into balloons before you blow them up.  Once they are blown up, decorate the bathroom, dining room, car, etc. with these balloons that will soon be popped. 

Consider a Night at the Symphony

If you and your partner enjoy a little “high culture,” definitely consider a night at the symphony or local music hall.  Remember, music can be quite romantic, and certainly a symphony is something different and out of the ordinary that will always be appreciated.  

Homemade Gift Ideas

There are numerous homemade Valentine’s gift ideas that would be quite fitting for this special day.  Oftentimes, homemade gifts can be less expensive than a traditional gift, but the meaning associated with these gifts can mean much, much more.  Consider writing a series of love letters or poems, perhaps one a day for the fourteen days of February.  Memory boxes, photo books, and photos are also always great ideas.  You might even want to consider more fun ideas like a coupon book or a CD full of love songs that have a special meaning to your relationship. 

Homemade gifts are great to integrate into a special Valentine's date.  If you are going to the restaurant where you had your first date, why not frame the first picture that was ever taken of you two.  Again, it is the little things that will make February 14th special.  If you put the proper, deliberate thought into your gifts and into your date, you and your significant other will have a Valentine's Day to remember.