Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year to make someone you love feel extra cared for. Try out some or all of these unique ideas that are sure to get the attention of the one you love!

Let Love Float

Begin by folding up a small love note or gather some small candies. Next, fit them in to a balloon, or several balloons, and use helium to inflate them. Tie pink or red ribbons to each of the balloons and secure them in places for your loved one to find. Try their chair at breakfast, car door, or even in a drawer or cabinet that they are likely to open.  You can also have a bouquet of message filled balloons delivered to their work! They will get to pop each balloon to find what’s inside! This idea is great to use for a scavenger hunt if you’re feeling extra creative. Fill your balloons with clues or prizes.

Get Creative in the Kitchen!

Whip up a batch of heart shaped pancakes to start off anybody’s Valentines Day just right. Easily make them in all sizes. Begin by preparing the bater and greasing your pre-heated heated pan. To get a heart shape, aim for a V instead. The V will spread out enough to form the heart. For those of you after the perfect heart shape, first make traditional round shaped pancakes and then use a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart on each of them. Add a small amount of pink food coloring to the bater to make them extra unique. You should top them off with strawberries, whipped cream, and any extra Valentines Day sprinkles you can find. 

Pair your pancakes with heart shaped toast and mellon slices. Use the cookie cutter, or very carefully use a knife to shape them. Finally, mix one half Orange Juice with one half Cranberry Juice to make a delicious and pink colored breakfast juice. Be sure to serve them in bed for extra credit.

Going the Extra Mile

Want to try something above and beyond the call of duty for Valentine’s Day?  Make heart shaped cut outs with construction paper, as many as you think you’ll need. Make them as unique as you want. Then, map out their usual rout to work and post the hearts all along the way where they will be able to easily see them. Do this the night before or morning of the big day. You can even add words to the hearts, just make sure that they are large enough to read if you do! 

If you have a runner in the family 

Wake up early and use side walk chalk to write messages to your loved one along the path of their run. If they’re not a runner, then prepare a message filled rout and take them for a romantic walk where they can see all of your messages. 

Love, Love, Love, and more Love

Fill their home with messages of love! Cut out medium sized hearts from construction paper and write the word love in every language you can find. Hole punch each heart, and tie them with red  or pink ribbon to hang up on everything. Try printing out some pictures of you and them to attach.You can also write inside jokes, and funny or romantic messages on the hearts. This idea is even more special because it is something that they can collect and keep to look back on.

Make this Valentine's Day Unique!