To get your baby's nursery ready, it is important to find the best wall hangings. Getting ready for a baby is no small task. Decorating a room may seem trivial but once the nursery is complete, you will feel much more calm and prepared.

Starshaped Press, Chicago, IL

Starshaped is locally owned in Chicago. Jen Farrell owns the shop and does everything from designing  the prints to choosing colors and making the prints. Each decorative wall hanging is made by hand on antiquated printing equipment. She does not produce cutesy prints exclusively but there are some great ones to choose from on the website. I have purchased two of the prints for my child's room and they look fantastic. I highly recommend, if you're looking for handmade, unique prints for your nursery, to check out Starshaped Press.

KatHannah, Etsy

Not all of the art prints here would find their way into every nursery. They do not all have bright colors or cute animals. Some of the prints feature images of children and bright, vivid colors. If you have an interest in exposing your child to unconventional art then it would be worth your while to peruse the collection on Etsy.

Gingiber, Etsy

The prints made by Gingiber are bright and simple. Most of them feature letters and numbers. My favorite is her Owlphabet Poster and her Number Flashcards that can be framed. She also makes small, animal themed pillows that would wonderfully match any of her prints. This nursery wall art would best match a room with muted pastels and kitschy animal toys lying around. Whatever your nursery theme, it would do you good to search for best wall hangings from Gingiber on Etsy.

Land of Nod, a Crate & Barrel Company

Land of Nod is a pretty well-known purveyor of all things kids. What I love about visiting Land of Nod is their huge selection of wall hangings for kids. They offer more artsy prints as well as basic, primary color, simple prints. Much of what they sell comes framed which saves the time, hassle and money of buying a separate frame. They still manage to keep their prices reasonable in spite of this. They only have locations in Illinois and Washington but a strong online presence makes it easy to order prints. Land of Nod is a place parents must go to help them get great ideas for what to put on the walls of their baby's room.

Posh Tots

Posh Tots lives up to its name by offering expensive wall art for the baby's room. One justification of these higher prices is that many of their higher-end pieces are hand painted, not simply prints. For some parents, it is worth it to add that personal touch, especially if the art will be hung in the rooms of future babies. They also carry a wide selection of prints and hand painted pieces for toddlers and young adults as well. This could be a good place to look for unique nursery art that could continue to be hung in the room well after the toddler ages.

Getting the baby's room together is a fun experience, especially if you know where to look for wall art. This list is especially handy when friends and family ask, "What can we get the baby?". Many want something more personal than a registry item. Use these places to help find the best unique wall hangings for your nursery.


Credit: spackletoe