Most people today are finding that looking for employment successfully is more of a mental job than a physical undertaking.

For that reason I am suggesting that the first order of business is to get yourself prepared mentally for the task at hand.

Set down and look at your budget and really pay attention to the details. There may be some things that you have to cut back on to be able to stay a float so to speak.

You have to consider the mortgage or rent as well as car payments and credit card bills. I could go on and on but you should realize the importance of knowing where you are at so that you can realistically come up with a time frame for the undertaking of your job search.

Once you have a workable budget set out so you will know and have confidence that there is a tomorrow you can start mentally preparing for the actual job search.
Go to the library and read a good book or two on positive thinking. There are hundreds to pick from and they all have about the same content.

The main thing all of these books and websites about positive thinking will attempt to convince you to do is to start getting an "I can do it" attitude.

It is not too hard to get all pumped up and once you are convinced that you can get the job done of locating employers that need help now, you can go to work making a plan for doing so.

The best way to go about this is to set down and put on the old thinking cap and realize that your main job at the present time is to first come up with a plan for finding a job and then getting hired before you run out of money.

Once you have your plan put together, then it is only necessary to put the plan into action and actually locate several job openings that you can get really passionate about before starting the next step.

Make the plan simple, so it will be easy to keep records, as well as design and implement the plan.

This exercise should be easy to complete in five steps.

First: Look on the internet for the companies that are actually hiring people with your experience.

Second: The next step is to do a little research on the companies you plan to apply with and come up with at least three reasons why they should hire you and what you can do for them.

Third: With this information you can put together a great cover letter for the resume you will be writing. The cover letter is the most important because it will sell the person that is scanning the hundreds of resumes that come in every day to put your cover letter and resume in the interview stack and not in the rejection pile that ninety-eight percent of the resumes will be going into.

In the cover letter you have to sell your skills and what you can do for this particular company. This letter is where you slant your ambitions and experience to sell the interviewer on visiting with you. Unlike the resume the cover letter will be one page written to sell your skills or more like a brochure selling your skills to each of the different companies you are applying to.

Each cover letter will be a little bit different as it is personalized for each different company. You should only have to make a few changes in each letter to be able to do this. The reason being that some things will be more important to company A and than they would be to company B for example.

Regardless of what kind of job you are applying for, the job of getting an interview and eventually getting hired is actually a sales job.

When selling your skills it is important to remember that the company and the interviewer you are talking to are only interested in what you can do for them and at a very efficient cost I might add.

Farther down in the article I offer a few suggestions on how to get help with the cover letter and resume if you are not sure about how to go about doing this.

Fourth: You have to write the actual resume. As the resume will be an accurate display of your work experience just make it sound very professional. Once you complete the resume then you make several copies of it to send out.

Fifth: You have to get your interview skills up to speed so that when you do get to do your interviews you will not be frustrated and out of focus. Also don't worry as you will be getting interviews if you follow the plan that you laid out.

You can also look on the internet for help with your interview skills and also pay close attention to your appearance when you go to the interview. When applying to be a construction worker you will dress much different that if you are applying for a sales or management job. It helps to not look out of place during the job interview.
If you do a bang up job of making a plan and then following it completely through you will then get the interviews. By getting interviews you can get hired to do something that you not only enjoy and can get passionate about but would also pay you a living wage.

Writing a great cover letter and then slanting it to appeal to the Human Resources person you are sending your resume to may take quite some time, especially the first cover letter. The other cover letters should not take to long as they are similar just some of the information will be slanted different for each of the different companies you are applying with.

The actual majority of your time will be spent locating employers who have current job openings.

A lot of people send out hundreds of resumes to all of the companies in their near by home area, in hopes of finding companies that employ people to do jobs that they are experienced in.

But in most of the cases this turns out to be a waste of time and postage.

I see on television and in the newspapers, as well as online that there are some people who have been doing this for two years or more with absolutely no results.

For that reason I am suggesting that you work both smarter and harder at getting the resume read by someone who is actually looking for employees rather than just wholesale sending out resumes to anybody and everybody.

The first place I would look is on the internet is for all of the normal places. There are thousands of locations that offer places for employers to place either free or inexpensive ads for perspective employees.

Now it is true there will be some of the companies that advertise all of the time even when they need no one just for the purposes of having insurance in the event someone quits, get sick or passes away unexpectedly.

For that reason you do need to send out a reasonable amount of resumes but not to just anyone.

With that in mind you might as well be sending your resume to companies who you know are looking for new talent for their place of business. You can go to the website of any of the companies you are now considering and you will find that now days most corporations will have a link on the home page or in the site map where you can check for any job openings.

Due to this fact I suggest there are several ways to find employment with out going through the normal channels.

Another suggestion would be to take the title of this article (Unique Ways To Find Employment) and put it in your Google search box and then look at the first few pages at all of the ideas presented.

At the time I am writing this there were ten million, five hundred thousand pages listed in Google on these keywords alone.

So what I am saying, there is a lot of help out there so you just have to get your head on straight and put the information to good use.

Next try putting (Find Employment) into Google and you will locate most of the places that offer the classified and free ads I mentioned earlier.

Remember make the plan and then work the plan. This applies to anything else you do in life.

For example making a plan and then working the plan, is all that Henry Ford did at the beginning of the last century.

Guess what? You can now see his results every day you pass a car on the nations highways.

Good luck, finding a job, just don't give up because although millions are out of work many, many thousands of people are finding gainful employment each and every month.

Also as a PS don't pay anyone a fee to either find work or to get the job.

Anytime a fee is mentioned it is nearly always a scam.

Thank you, and good job hunting.