Wedding events not only focus on how the bride and the groom getting married. It also focuses on the details of the wedding. A table centerpiece, for example, is just a decoration to your wedding but it will bring a great impact to the overall feel of the day. Nobody can resist taking pictures with a beautiful table centerpiece. Having a beautiful and alluring table centerpiece can give your guests another attraction to look for aside from your gown, the bridal bouquet, and the wedding cake.

A gorgeous wedding table can be achieved if you a have an attractive table centerpiece. Your guests will appreciate the beauty of the tables and how your tables are arranged and decorated.  There are different styles and ideas of table centerpieces to choose from for your wedding table, a masterpiece that would fit the motif of your wedding.

A hurricane lamp is a glass with a flat broad base and a small opening. A table centerpiece made using hurricane lamps can be a good choice, mostly because it is easy and simple to prepare. The lamp is just rested on a ring floral foam, in which you can insert your decorations. You can put green leaves and fresh flowers accordingly. Make sure to layer them evenly to achieve a wonderful look. After that, place candles in the lamp. Have the candles in different heights, with a color that goes with the theme of the wedding. Also consider the aroma of the candles to bring a romantic scent to the table. Floating flowers can also look great in glass bowls.

A champagne bottle centerpiece is effortless to prepare. You just need to buy a different variety of champagne and ribbons of different shades that coordinate with the motif. Cut the ribbons to your desired length and knot it on the champagne’s neck. Or, you can add as small tag with your name and your husband’s name. Afterwards place all the champagne on a basket filled with flowers. The champagne bottle brings an elegant look when placed on the table as a centerpiece. Your guests can bring home one as a souvenir after the wedding.

Beer bottles are also another simple centerpiece to make. It is one of the most unique wedding centerpieces for different special occasion. This is a personalize centerpiece that will look great in the middle of the table. Gather empty bottles of beer, get rid of the labels, clean the bottles and dry. Once dried, cover the bottle with glitter that matched your wedding colors.

A simple small bird house can be a great wedding table centerpiece. Purchase a little birdhouse, paint it with the desired colors you want, place a card with your names on it, place it on the middle of the table surrounded by flowers and there you go, an instant bird house centerpiece.

Wedding cakes are popular centerpieces. Have your baker bake extra cakes in different sizes. Place the cakes on the tables of your guests and add some designs on the base. Make it less ornate than the actual wedding cake so that it won’t overpower or take away from the wedding cake.