It is traditional to offer a wedding favor to your guests on your wedding day. Most brides and grooms like to be unique on their big day. Unique wedding favors can often be just the ticket to achieve this result. Not to mention, unique wedding favors are sure to be a major point of discussion during the reception. As we all know, talking guests are often happy guests. Unique wedding favors do double duty in providing a creative outlet and a hint of fun to your wedding.

How Do I Make Unique Wedding Favors?

The best part about unique wedding favors is that they are entirely unique to you! This means they can be anything your heart desires. They can be traditional with a unique bent or they can be completely off the wall and whimsical. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing unique wedding favors.

Below are a few ideas to help you get your thoughts flowing on some unique wedding favor ideas.

1. Stick to Your Theme - Say you are having a beach wedding. A great idea for unique wedding favors might be painted seashells with the names of the bride and groom. Maybe tiny bottles of sand from the beach location. Sticking to your wedding theme will greatly aid you in creating some unique wedding favors.

2. Think Outside the Box…Literally - Creating unique wedding invitations can be so much more than giving a box of treats to your guests. In fact, you can get rid of boxes altogether if you wish! Maybe quaint gift bags are the trick. If you find that your favors are so unique that they won't fit into anything, then so be it! That is part of the fun of unique wedding favors.

3. Think Ethnically - If either the bride or groom happens to come from an exotic country or happens to have unique customs or gifts, these can be great ways to come up with unique wedding favors. Serving a bag of real Swedish chocolates for a Swedish wedding is an example of this. Take some time to explore each other's background. This can be both fun and rewarding when designing unique wedding favors.

4. Look Online - The internet is a great place to learn new techniques or about new and unique items that you can use to make your own unique wedding favors. In fact, type "unique wedding favors" into any major search engine and browse around to see what others have done. This is a very good way to get your creative juices flowing. There are many companies online that may also have some ready-made unique wedding favors if you are inclined to take the easy route and buy some already designed ones. This is ok, but keep in mind that it may take away some of the unique aspects of you.

5. Check Big Name Brands - A lot of brands like, M&M and other big companies, will also allow for custom printing on their packaging or product. For example, you can have both the bride and the grooms name custom printed on M&Ms! Talk about some incredibly unique wedding favors! You can have unique wedding favors with corporate sponsorship!

This list is meant only to spark your imagination to develop some of your own unique wedding favors. In the end, your wedding favors should be as unique as your wedding. If at the end of the day you decide to stick to a more traditional route, then that is perfectly ok.

However, if you want to hand out unique wedding favors at your wedding, then taking some time to discover your unique bent is a fun and exciting way to add some unique creativity to your big day!

I wish you all the best in your decision making and I hope that you consider unique wedding favors. Trust me, you will be doing yourself and your guests a big favor!