Seeing all of your loved ones gathered together to share your day of love is one of the best things about having a wedding celebration. Talking about old memories and sharing new ones with your guests makes the time extra special. Most brides and grooms like to keep track of their attendees with a guest book. However, the old-fashioned concept of an upholstered book with lines for names might seem distasteful (and useless) to many modern couples. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to create an alternative wedding guest book.

Wedding Guest Book

Married Potter

Almost every town has a nearby do-it-yourself pottery studio. A great way to have all of your guests sign in – and participate in a keepsake project – is to have them sign a piece of pottery. You can purchase an item such as a large bowl, plate, or vase at a studio, glaze it, and take it home with you without firing. You will need to purchase a glaze pen or two at the studio. This is what the guests will be using to sign your item. Be sure to provide a protective smock or apron so that guests do not get glaze on their dress clothes.

At the end of the festivities, the signed bowl can be taken back to the studio to be fired. This will permanently set the colored glaze and the contrasting signatures into a work of art that will last a lifetime. If this sounds like too much work, you can find pre-glazed pieces that come with special permanent pens and don't need additional firing.

Photo Mat

Here is another way to create a unique wedding guest book. A beautiful way to remember your guests is to have them sign a piece of mat board used for framing photographs. Choose a mat color that will go with your décor (or your wedding theme colors), and provide a permanent-ink marker in a contrasting color. Give instructions for your guests to literally sign their names on the mat and include any well wishes, if desired. After the ceremony, the mat can be taken to a frame shop along with a wedding photo and mounted into a beautiful frame. This way, your guests' names will be displayed on the wall and remembered every time you look at your photo.

Picture This

A third idea is to have each wedding guest bring a photo of himself or herself. (Couples or families can bring group shots.) Have the guests insert their photos into a photo album or scrapbook, sign their names, and write comments. If you think that your guests are the type who would forget to bring a photo, you can provide a Polaroid camera with instant film; this way, everyone can take a photo at the actual reception, so you can remember what they looked like on the actual day of your wedding.

Whether you are having a huge wedding ceremony at a well-known church like First Baptist Church Atlanta or a few family and friends at home, these ideas will work for you.