Personalise Your Big Day at Licensed Wedding Venues 

Today’s endless choice of wedding venues countrywide allows couples from all walks of life the chance to personalise their big day. Unique and individual ceremonies are evermore popular and themed weddings and receptions are a fun way for those not too caught up with tradition to make their wedding day stand out from the crowd. The masquerade themed wedding is one with extravagant flair and style and offers you and your guests the chance to dabble in operatic glamour. They do however, as with any wedding, require a lot of forward planning. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choose the right venue - A masquerade ball is an event of mystery and elegance. Take a look at wedding venues that add to this element of drama. Country houses are a great choice, with their stately appearance and long pebbled driveways adding a touch of the Great Gatsby to your day.

Inform guests early - Choosing a wedding outfit can be stressful enough at the best of times, let alone when it’s a themed occasion. If your masquerade wedding is going to be a success, everyone needs to look the part. Give guests plenty of opportunity to enter into the spirit of things.

Pick a relevant colour scheme - The colours for your masquerade reception will not be the ivories, pinks, olives or any other traditional pastel and neutral shades usually found inside of wedding venues. Rich, dark and vibrant colours will create the right atmosphere for your theme. The addition of gold will add sparkle and glamour. Use the same colour scheme throughout the entire process - make sure your invitations contain your chosen shades and are fit for the theme. Choose bouquets that reflect the glamour of the day. Nothing should appear out of place.

Make sure all the finer details fit - Your table centre pieces, wedding favours, floral arrangements, even your wedding cake, should all correspond to the masquerade theme. Consider the use of feathers and sequins in your centre pieces, set a mystic ambiance in the room with large roman candles, incorporate the masquerade style in to every element of your day. 

Utilise your wedding venues characteristics - Do any of its function rooms have that extra element of grandeur provided by the presence of large wooden beams or sparkling chandeliers? Is there a particular room with appropriate low lighting?

Most of all, be as creative as possible and dedicated to the task. A themed wedding is no good done half heartedly. However, always seek your wedding venues permission for any plans you have in mind before putting the wheels in motion.