There are a few different occasions that allow you to dress up in your favourite outfit...Halloween and costume parties are definitely the most common ones! However, many people overlook the idea of wearing some of the funniest costumes simply because they are afraid of attracting a lot of attention.

White trash costume ideas fall into that category! They are really easy to create, will attract a ton of attention, and will make people laugh until their faces turn blue!

This article is not geared towards showing you all of the white trash costumes that you can wear on Halloween or to your next costume party; but rather, it will show you the most unique ones that you can wear! There is no point in putting on a costume the other people have seen 10 or 15 times, as it will not have the greatest effect! Choosing any of these unique white trash costumes will really make people commend your choice for hours on end!

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Wearing A Redneck Costume That You Made Yourself

I absolutely love do-it-yourself costume ideas because they add a unique touch to something that has already been executed thousands of times! I have been to parties in which I have seen 3 or 4 people wearing the exact same Halloween costume, and it is definitely not a fun sight to see! Not only do those identical costumes lose their effect when seen for the third or fourth time, but the people that are wearing them also feel awkward!

One of the best things that you can do is take a look at the redneck costumes on Amazon and purchase the one that fits your budget! These costume kits only come with the bare essentials of a redneck outfit, and allow you to customize them with the clothing and accessories that you already have in your closet!

Some Of The Key Components Of The Best White Trash Costume Ideas!

Every type of costume has a few “key” accessories that must be used to make the costume look its best! For instance, some of the key components of Dracula Halloween costumes are vampire fangs, a black cape, and a white dress shirt! The same idea follows in regards to dressing up as someone that is white trash!

Some of the key components include:

-A trucker hat with a raunchy saying on it

-A mullet wig (or real hair that is cut like a mullet)

-A white undershirt that is stained

-An alcoholic beverage in your hand

-Worn out blue jeans that are dirty

-Facial hair that has been shaved as handlebars or a goatee

These are actually the key accessories that you should include when you are trying to make your own homemade do-it-yourself white trash costume! The more of these features that you include, the more recognizable that you will be as being dressed as a “hick” or someone that is white trash!

The Best Way For A Girl To Dress Up In A White Trash Costume

The weirdest thing about this is that there are just as many white trash women as there are men; however, there are only men’s versions of the costume available in stores and online!

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t execute any of the women’s white trash costumes using your own combination of things!

Here are some ideas that women can use:

-Bring a fake baby around hanging over your forearm.

-Color in one of your teeth to look like you are missing a tooth

-Wear a checkered shirt

-Cut the legs on an old pair of jeans to form a pair of really short shorts

-Carry an alcoholic beverage around with you

You can even cover your body with some fake tattoos for an even better effect! The costume is basically what you put into it; putting a lot of effort into it will yield an amazing costume, and vice versa!

A Funny White Trash Costume Idea For Halloween

One of the funniest versions of a “white trash” costume involved a homemade outfit by someone that I met at a Halloween party!

They simply bought a pair of white pants and a white shirt, and used super glue to adhere various pieces of trash to the clothing!

You should be sure to use “clean” trash, or many people will end up staying away from your because you will smell bad!

These are definitely the most unique white trash costume ideas that you can use for your next Halloween or costume party! All of these costumes will attract a lot of attention, and will end up making people laugh for hours on end! Create them in the comfort of your own home, buy them online, or even do a combination of both...but whatever you do, be sure to act the part!