Unique window treatment ideas can give your room personality on a budget. For some of these projects you won't even have to know how to sew. You probably can't replace your furniture whenever a new design style hits. Changing out your curtains gives you the opportunity to give your room a different theme or feeling.

Work with what you've got. Window treatments can be expensive. This is especially true if you have an open floor plan. This means that most of your drapes will need to match because they will be visible from all other areas of the house. You can just use a few simple fixes to spruce up the items you already have. This can help you use the existing curtains when you move into a home. You might not be a fan of whatever the previous seller's left behind but that doesn't mean that it lacks potential.

Give the blinds a special touch. It probably isn't worth it to try to change the color or style of metal blinds. These are very inexpensive so just save yourself the hassle and buy new ones. If you are working with wood blinds, that's a different story. These are expensive and might have been made just for your window. You can try adding blind tape to give some color and pattern to the treatment.

You can also just add elements to a roller shade. You can use cheaper shades as a canvas where you can add a monogram or large stencil. Add your favorite trim to spice up plain roman shades. For a French Country look put different colors of tassels all over the bottom. For an elegant dining room or bedroom find a beaded trim to add a touch of sparkle to the room.

Blinds are so functional and easy to open but they aren't the most thrilling things in the world. You may even like the fact that when the blinds are closed all the window treatments match from the outside of your home. It's ok to layer your treatments. You could build a custom cornice box to top off the more functional elements. You could even add curtains over the blinds. Create a cottage, nautical or traditional feel to tie in white blinds with what your main room color is. You can start off with a cornice box that is painted white. For a French Country look build a shelf on the bottom where you can display dishes.

It takes yards of fabric to make curtains, which can really be expensive. You might want to change up your existing treatments but you don't want to waste all that fabric. Check the fabric to see if dying is an option. You could even try an ombre effect by just dipping the lower half of the curtains into the dye. Let your teen go wild with their own window treatments to make a unique tie dye that no one else will have. You can also just cut off the bottom foot or so and then add a new, coordinating fabric. The drapes don't fit the window exactly? Then make your own binding out of an opulent fabric to fix the problem and get a custom look at the same time.

You might not want curtains because they aren't that practical around kids or pets. If contemporary or modern is your thing then traditional drapes and swags will just look too fussy. Instead, try a window film. Just make sure that you don't mind hiding your view. These come in all different patterns and varieties. For a bathroom try a frosted glass look. You can even find ones that look like intricate lace etching for more of a traditional look. These treatments will be different and add high style to your home; your neighbors probably haven't seen them before.

Change up the way you hang basic curtains for a unique look. This is another area where you can drive the theme of your room home. For a modern space try a pulley and cable system. Your curtains will just hang from a wire. For more traditional and elegant curtains sew oversized wood rings to the top of the pieces. For a laundry room try affixing curtains to a wire system with old fashioned wood laundry clips. Then make your own loops out of rope.

If store bought isn't your thing then turn it into a craft project. You could sew peacock feathers onto sheers for a one of a kind look. You can also use stencils on most fabrics. Look for a fabric such as a shade that will be fairly flat when closed. This look doesn't have to be country. Instead, try using words in different fonts. Use the same neutral color of paint to tie everything together. For a more subtle look the paint can be close to the same color as the fabric or even the same color in a different finish. If you can't find unique window treatments that fit your needs then make your own.

Lace window treatments are traditional. You probably already have a few sets in your home, they may even be hiding in your closet. These fabric panels don't have to be stuffy or old fashioned. Instead, turn them into unique window treatments. Make an over sized valance. The Country Living magazine did a treatment where they just swagged old crocheted lace across each window. Sure, it didn't provide a lot of privacy but it really brought home that cottage look. This is a great alternative if you want to use your grandma's curtains or crochet work in different ways. It would also be adorable in a little girl's room.

Unique window treatments fit your budget and your personality. You can take pride in knowing that you completed a project yourself. It can be difficult to find the exact pattern, style and color of drape that you want. Having them custom made can be expensive. Instead, use what you've already got to make something you love. Plus, it gives your home a custom touch.