Take the Lead from A. A. Milne

Unique Baby Shower Activity


Look to Winnie the Pooh for a unique baby shower. Best of all, this plan lets the baby enjoy the shower! What? That is madness! How can a child who is not born yet enjoy the bUnique Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Ideaaby shower?

Do not worry on shower supplies. Winnie the Pooh party supplies are prevalent at a card shop, online, and even at discount retailers. Simplify your life and get ready to go decorations, party favors, etc. The uniqueness of this shower comes from the activity enjoyed at the shower and a bit of follow-up afterwards.

Share a Bit of Winnie the Pooh History with Your Guests

Begin the activity by sharing a bit of Winnie the Pooh history with participants to set the stage for the activity. The author of Winnie the Pooh stories, A. A. Milne, used characters and settings from his own life as his background for the tales. Milne's son, Christopher Wren Milne, was the impetus for the little boy, Christopher Wren in the story. The animal friends in the story evolved from Christopher's real toys. Those animals form the basis of the shower activity.

The Perfect Gift to Baby from the Hostess

As a hostess, make your gift to the baby a basket of small stuffed animals. These animals will not only serve as a gift for baby but make your spotlight for the activity. Divide shower guests into as many groups as animals in the basket. Each group chooses an animal from the basket. They name their animal and write one piece of advice for the new baby. Use a sentence frame for each group to complete. Short sentences need to all follow the same pattern.

Examples follow.

Toby Turtle says, "Always say please and thank you."

Tiffy Tiger says, "Say excuse me when you sneeze."

Take a picture of each group with their animal. As a culminating activity, share the responses from each group.

Make a Book

Make the pictures and responses into a book after the shower. Online sites are many to carry out this task. Printing shops also have machines to do the task easily. Send electronic versions of the to participants and a print version to the expectant mother. The book will serve as the perfect gift for the newborn infant upon his or her birth. The baby will continue to enjoy the shower and get a piece of advice as mom and baby enjoy the book.