Here are a five unique gift wrapping ideas for your gift giving this year.  You can really dress up a gift simply by the way you present it.

1. The dollar store can be your best friend for this. Purchase a nice looking tea towel, and wrap your food or kitchen oriented gifts with it.

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2. Purchase hand towels or face cloths and wrap your spa or bathroom oriented gifts.

3. If you have a larger gift, why not find a pretty table cloth and wrap with the table cloth, and tie with a bow. This is especially great for gift baskets, instead of the cellophane wrap. It is useful and can be quite a cheerful gift.

This way the recipient has no idea what is inside. I did this for my parents, and filled a gift basket with specialty food goodies, and then wrapped it in a gold colored table cloth I thought would look nice in their place, and gathered it around the top with a bow.

My mom thought it was a brilliant idea to make the wrapping just as important as the gift.

4. Denim pocket. If you like rustic wrapping, then try this for those gift cards. Cut out the back pocket of an old pair of jeans. Secure with either glue or hand sewing, a decorative cord for hanging this pocket at each end of the pocket, and place your gift card inside. Using sparkly markers, write your gift recipients name on it, and hang Unique Gift Wrapping ideasCredit: morguefile.comit on the tree. If you have more time, you can really go to town and decorate this denim pocket. This is great for those gift cards that are so small, and are usually given in cards, that end up in the recycling bin.

This is especially good for teens, as they can then use the denim pouch pocket for storage by hanging in their room, or as a small purse.

5. If you have a lot of little things for a gift, find a paper roll tube, or toilet roll tube, and place your gifts inside, and wrap nicely with a decorative scarf, that they will wear afterwards.

All of the above gifts, avoid using wrapping paper, which tends to end up in a pile on the floor. If you use the dollar store, it will cost you about the same as the wrapping paper, but in the end your loved one will get an extra gift!

You can also use containers such as colanders for food gifts or plant pots for garden gifts.  You can follow a theme.

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For really nice gift tags, you can cut up the fronts all of last years Christmas cards, or any other pretty card, and fold over like a little book, and punch a hole in the corner for attaching to your gift.

My daughter taught me that one, when she gave me her gifts last year. She used decorative scissors, and cut out nice shapes from the fronts of old greeting cards. That way they get one more use before being recycled!

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reusable gift bags are a great wrapping idea too!