Gift baskets make perfect gifts for everyone. They allow the giver to incorporate many small gifts into one. An added benefit to creating a gift basket is that they show the recipient that the giver put much thought and effort into designing, arranging and decorating the gift. Countless types of gift baskets are available for gifters to purchase, but the present will be most appreciated when it is uniquely designed with care by the gifter.

Creating a unique gift basket starts with planning. Take out a piece of paper and brainstorm ideas about the gift. Ask questions such as "What are the recipient's interests?", "What are some items that the recipient most likely does not already have?", "What colors, themes, patterns does the recipient like?" Your goal is to create a gift that is personal, well thought out, unique and matches the recipient's interests or passions.

1) Decide on a theme ~ Appearance is a huge consideration when it comes to designing a gift basket and the main reason for choosing a theme. Yes, you could fill the basket with random useful items but a carefully planned basket incorporating matching items will be a much more beautiful creation. Some ideas on themes might be: gardening, sports team, new car, housewarming, reading, crafting, etc.

2) Choose a container ~ Now that you have decided on a theme go ahead and pick out a container. Here is another area where you can be unique. Creating a golf lover's basket? Use a bucket designed for golf balls instead. Designing a gardening basket? Arrange your items in an oversized flower pot or a mini decorative wheelbarrow. Try and pick a unique container that the recipient can re-use.

3) Choose your items ~ When purchasing your items, try and take your container along with you. This way you can see what size items and how many items you need to fill your container. Pay attention to packaging, colors and designs and try to use similar ones.

4) Assembling the gift ~ Depending on the what type of container you chose, you may need to place filler in the bottom of the container in order to make your items stay in place. Kraft paper works well here. Arrange your items attractively and, if necessary, attach them to the basket using a craft store sticky dot product that is easy to remove.

5) Wrapping and decorating the gift ~ You may wish to wrap the gift. Cellophane wrapping works well. You can even purchase a type of shrinkable cellophane wrap that shrinks when heat from a hair dryer is applied. This will help to keep items in place. Now that your gift is complete, add some finishing touches. Bows and ribbons are always nice. For a more personal touch, choose a small card that matches your theme or add a quote or poem to the basket. The recipient will be simply delighted with the time and thought put into the gift.