First off I'd like to say please don't take this article the wrong way. I am an American born and raised citizen. I am also appreciative for all the hard work that has been put into this country to get it where it is now. I am a thnker and always have been noted - sometimes not in a positive way - as such. Therefore I'd like to say, this article is just a thought.

A Dominican Republic Family

Dr poor

Upon traveling to several third world countries I have observed many things. Amoung these are the view people have on life. The people who reside within these countries have little to none material pocessions. Does this mean they are unhappy and deprived? Interestingly enough, no. The saying "Little is More" might make this point a little bit clearer. They are not weighed down by Cell-phone bills, Car payments, Cable cost and the such. Thus, focuss goes elsewhere, such as family connections and spirituality. In a conversation with one father in The Dominican Republic there was no anxiety on his face. He was at ease. I proceeded to ask him "Your country is considered a poor country, are you happy?" in reply he said "People here are not slaves to money. We enjoy the smaller things such as a good meal or playing a game of Soccer with a 60 percent deflated worn and tatterd Soccerball". He has family in the states and watched the relationship with his brother and nephew dwindle. He also said "The people in America have many things on their plate. Maybe just a bit too much".

Picture this; you have a plate full of food. Chicken, Peas, Cornbread and most important and healthy, Carrots fill you plate. While eating you notice you're eyes were bigger then you're stomach. You look down and see carrots sitting there all alone. Maybe our plates are full of material things, bills, and work. Once we take care of those things we have no room left for little Timmy or Susie.

Us Americans (Who looks happy?)

Americans Working

We here in the States are bogged down by getting the latest and the greatest. Do we stop to smell the roses? Do we work so much that we don't even have family dinner? Advertisments pressure us to buy the newest technologies. Thus, working extra hours to get a little extra cash. Lets stop being so materialistic and be more simplistic.


Are you happy?