United States Coin's For Christmas Gifts


Giving United States coins for Christmas gifts can make the numismatic enthusiast in your life a very happy recipient. These guys and gals search the entire year to fill the holes that exist in their collections.

When they unwrap that silver dollar they've been hunting, or maybe it's an Indian Head cent, the look in their eyes and the smile on their faces will remind you why you went the extra mile.

The first task in choosing a meaningful coin or accessory for a coin collector is to know what they like. Everyone who collects has an area of expertise they like to remain in.

Some will collect Kennedy half dollars and some will collect error coins. Some are more into the large copper cents and tokens. Finding out what they collect should be the first goal.

Next we need to know what they already have. Getting a duplicate coin that has already been obtained is like buying grandma another coffee cup. She has plenty of cups.

Make sure you find out what they're missing. This should be done as close to the holiday as possible to avoid the remote chance that they fill the hole while your looking.

The grade of the person's set is important too. Most collectors try their best to keep all of the coins within their set at a minimum coin grade. Your gift to the uncirculated cent collector will come off bad if the condition is well below the rest of their set.

When a person sets out to buy a coin as an investment or for collecting, most people have no idea what the prices should be. Maybe they're not familiar with grading practises and haven't had many opportunities to buy coins. Going on eBay will solve the price dilemma.

They have auctions running for every coin available in the world it seems and these auction pages can be watched to see how prices settle. Historical results are also available for auctions that have closed. All of this information can tell you how much you should pay for any given coin.

If you need to obtain some basic information about grading, I suggest looking at some pictures online at PCGS. Available pictures with grades assigned can be viewed and compared. Buying your coins certified already, is another way to get something assured of making the minimum grade for a set.

Some people collect proof coins as they are released from the mint. These examples are struck with special polished dies and usually have a mirror, or frosted cameo look. Advantages to this approach are quality and ease of acquisition. Go to the United States Mint's website and order new releases that will be shipped right to your door.

United States coins for Christmas gifts are a great idea, if you have that special person that loves to collect these items. Children love to collect things as well and a starter set with a collectors book makes a great stocking stuffer. Getting young people involved in the world of coin collecting will give them a positive activity to dwell on as well as a heightened sense of values.