1793 Frightened Liberty Cent


United States Large Cents beginning in early 1793 were produced for circulation among the people inhabiting America.

These coins have throughout history been avidly collected and treasured as heirlooms and investment pieces.

They also grace the torn collector books of children in lower grades and have been placed on exhibit in museums as rare one of a kind numismatic treasures.

With a story for every year and a tale for every cent, coin collectors have fallen in love with an American favorite in the collectors world. Examples are sought out in all grades from a perfect MS 70 coin to a low grade G-4, there is someone looking for that exact item.

One look on eBay or any other on line auction site will take you to a page full of bids and happy sellers. Searchers are now having a hard time finding high grade examples for some older issues and rarities.

People are coming around both from a collectors perspective and an investment point of view to the appreciation potential of these obsolete US coins.

1794 United States Large CentStarting in 1793 the first circulation issue was not well received. The image of Liberty looked frightened or, worse, frightening.

This obverse was widely disliked and only lasted one year. It was replaced by a capped version of Miss Liberty in 1794. The public quickly warmed to this version.

The capped Liberty large cent was around for 3 short years, however, and a new draped bust Liberty took over. This coin debuted in 1796 and continued to be struck through the year 1807.

1803 Draped Bust United States Large Cent

Starting in 1808 and continuing through 1814 classic head cents were produced and are very rare in high grades, as the copper for these coins was very soft and examples wore rapidly in circulation. Collecting classic head United States large cents is no cheap adventure.

In 1815 large cents were not produced. The war had required that all copper be used for ammunition manufacturing purposes and cent production was halted for this year. There are however counterfeit pieces known to exist.

1808 Classic Head United States Large Cent1816 brought the introduction of the coronet head United States coin. This type continued all the way to 1839 and is represented by every year in between.

This realm of large cent collecting can actually still be affordable as there are less rarities and most years are available in large quantities and all grades.

When 1840 arrived it was time for yet another change. The braided hair large cent form the United States was introduced and lasted for the rest of the large cent run.

Coronet Head United States Large Cent1857 saw the last year for this glorious piece of United States numismatic history as well as a prized addition to any large cent collectors set. Being the last year as well as a low mintage coin has drastically increased the asking price on available examples.

When deciding on which area of this series to concentrate on one should take a good look at their financial situation and be sure the set they're after is obtainable within their budget. Some issues are absolutely through the roof so care should be taken prior to beginning.

1857 Braided Hair United States Large CentCollecting United States large cents can be a very rewarding hobby, as well as a savvy investment move. Focus is important and most of all, make sure you do adequate research before you buy. This will keep you from getting in over your head which is easy to do with some of the issues.