Unity candles are a lovely wedding tradition. As the visual representation of the joining of two people (or families), they are the perfect symbol for your wedding day and even anniversaries to come. In this post you'll learn more about these wedding candles, ideas for their usage, and the prices you should expect to pay for them.

Unity Candles: A Uniting (And Beautiful) Light

White Unity Candle PlainWhile it's believed unity candles have been used in wedding ceremonies in the United States since the 1930's, they definitely become a popular custom in the 70's. And since then, these candles have become a wedding staple. They anchor a lovely symbolic activity to tie the couple together, both as individuals and as families.

The typical unity candle set up includes two white taper candles and one white pillar candle. All three sit together, with the two taper candles (lit) placed to each side of the pillar candle (unlit). When the wedding ceremony turns to the lighting of the unity candle, the bride and groom each pick up one of the lit tapers, and together they light the center pillar candle. It's a simple ceremony, but its meaning is strong and lasting.

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Unity Candle Ideas 

There is, of course, the traditional unity candles and ceremony as mentioned above, but there are options for you to choose to make these wedding candles more personable to your ceremony or the ceremony itself more fitting to your needs. Here are just a few:

Engrave your candle with your wedding information

Engraving the pillar candle with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding is a popular choice. It helps personalize the candles and give even more meaning to the moment.

Add some decorative flair to the candles

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Yes, the traditional unity candle set comes in basic white, but that doesn't mean you need to follow suit. You can buy highly decorative varieties that feature ribbons, gemstones, and more. You can also switch up the unity candle colors to fit the theme of your wedding. There are plenty of unity candle sets out there featuring deep hues like reds and blacks, and depending on your style, it may be very fitting to lean away from the traditional white.

There's also very decorative candle holders meant for unity candles. If you are looking to up the style of your ceremony, a beautiful decorative candle holder is a good addition.

Invite your family into the lighting ceremony

This can be an especially touching moment when children are a part of the union of two people. Having multiple taper candles meet to symbolize the joining of two extended families brings everyone together in a very memorable way. And the children will love feeling like an important part of the wedding ceremony itself. 

Use your unity candles as an anniversary reminder

These wedding candles don't need to have a "one and done" usage. Why not informally renew your vows to each other year after year? An anniversary is an excellent time to do so, and lighting your unity candle together is a great way to keep your wedding memories fresh throughout your marriage.

What If Open Flames Are An Issue At Your Wedding Locale?

Some churches and buildings don't allow open flames indoors or on outdoor grounds. After all, any open flame is a fire hazard, and some of the most popular places to get married are older buildings and beautiful, grassy settings. If you've got your heart set on a unity ceremony and have reached an impasse with unity candles, look at a unity sand ceremony instead. In it, the bride and groom each pours different colored sand into a unity sand vase. The mixing of the sand colors symbolizes the intertwining of their lives. It can be just as lovely as a unity candle ceremony. 

Unity Candle Prices

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Depending on how intricate you want your unity candles to be, your price will vary from $25 to $50, and in some cases even more. There are many beautiful basic white sets for between $25 and $35, and you can find great looking unity candle holders starting at $25 as well. The holders can easily reach $100 or more if you opt for precious metals and intricate crafting. The whole look certainly doesn't need to cost that much if your budget is tight. As you can see from the prices here, you can get a lovely set at a good price.

No matter your wedding style and your budget, there are unity candles out there for you. They add a symbolic touch that helps make for a memorable wedding experience. It's a great way to mark the beginning of a life together.