With their simplicity and beauty, unity sand vases have become a popular gift for weddings and civil unions. They can also be an official part of the union with the trending popularity of sand wedding ceremonies. Beyond their ceremonial capacity, unity sand vases also make exceptional home decorations as well. Read on to learn all you need to know about unity sand vases, how to use them, and where best to buy them.

Unity Sand Vases With Weddings

Sand wedding ceremonies have become a trending alternative to the already popular unity candle ceremonies. In it, two colors of unity sand are poured into a unity sand vase by the unity sand vases_1bride and groom. This creates a beautiful layering effect that is the ultimate signifier of  the intertwining of their two lives.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing a unity sand wedding ceremony over a unity candle ceremony. For outdoor weddings, they are much easier to deal with as there are no candles for the wind to blow out, and indoors, you don't need to worry about a dropped candle causing a fire. The unity sand vases can easily become a common theme throughout the wedding reception, tying together the entire day. Plus, the unity sand vase used in the ceremony stands as a lasting remembrance of this important moment. Candles can't match that.

Unity sand ceremonies also have the unique benefit of being able to symbolize two extended families coming together, as there can be multiple colors of sand used. If there are children involved in the union, this is a memorable way to have them involved.

Unity Sand Vases As Home Decorunity sand vases_3

Unity sand vases are also a popular home decor item. The sand layers add a splash of color to any room, especially interior designs with a beach or pastel-based theme. They are perfect to mix with vases of flowers to create stunning looks. They can also act as a personal symbol in your home design. Yes, unity sand vases are a popular wedding gift, but they can also symbolize the intermingling of a family with a new home or a new baby being born. Really, unity sand vases can make both a visual and emotional statement for many occasions in your life.

Unity Sand Vases Style

Just about anything that is clear can be made into a unity sand vase, but there is an entire market of vases out there that have been specifically designed for the occasion. Unity sand vases come in nearly every size and shape you can imagine. From tall and slim, to heart-shaped, and everything between.
unity sand vases_2
They often come in sets containing one unity sand vase and two side vases, perfect for wedding or civil union ceremonies. Other sets increase these amounts, making them great for creating sand and flower vase combinations. In most cases, the sand is sold separately, but this is for good reason. There are hundreds of colors of sand readily available. You'll want to match your sand choices to your ceremony, room theme, or personality.

These vases often come with complimentary etching so that you can make the vase meaningful to the occasion for which you are purchasing it.

The Price And Where To Buy Unity Sand Vases

Unity sand vases can be surprisingly inexpensive, ranging from $30 to $60 for a set. This makes them a real budget friendly way to pull together a wedding or home decor theme.

A great place to purchase them is Amazon.com. It has unity sand vases available in many shapes and sizes, along with the sand you need to finish your look. You can also find these amazing vases at bridal shops, as well as craft stores like Michaels.