Ideology, beliefs and systems


Political and social ideology, Liberalism developed during 17th and 19th century. The word liberalism had been given to freedom fighters by their political guards and their purpose was to demeans them. Its foundation was on the basis of that notion, It is said that the state has no right to intervene in public affairs. In this regard JS Mill was named that as a continental liberalism. It has replicated in other meanings, In politics this term used for Parliamentary form of government, freedom of speech, and most importantly freedom of press.

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A system based on this theory was held that there should be no rich or poor in this world rather everybody should have to work for the state so a person will be more cheerful and satisfied with his/her life. It is an extremely difficult form of Socialism. This means that everyone will be given work under eligibility and qualification, but the compensation will be given according to their needs. All production companies are property of the state and in Russia there is no concept to own something even a house. Those who advocate this ideology called Communist. This ideology is based on the teachings of Karl Marx. 

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Internationalism in the current period is used in the sense that only a free independent states with their efforts and resources cannot meet public needs and to keep the people more prosperous states must work together with international organizations.


The term usually refers to poor and lower class people. Furthermore Karl Marx explains this term and have used it for labour class whether it be industrial or agricultural labours.


It is a mutilated form of Lenanism. This doctrine was founded by former President of Slovak Republic Marshal Josip Broz Tito. In this ideology Tito had a little respect for constitution and recognized the control over industrial workers.


An economic system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange all in private ownership. This system was developed in England at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Britain is the first country in world which promoted Capitalism.

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Under this system, all of land is owned by the king and he keeps a right to distribute it among people's.

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In this system the means of production would be in national ownership and the work will be given to people's according to their ability and work compensation is paid according to the nature of work. Current socialism progressed between 1749 and 1849. In such kinds of system the interference of religion is about to non. It is only man's physical need which would take care of. 

There are many types of socialism, whom great scholars, politicians and intellectuals have endorsed.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was endorsed Islamic Socialism and its based was laid on four major principles. 

  • Islam is our religion.
  • Democracy is our policy.
  • Socialism is our economy.
  • Head of the power is peoples.


Its actual concept is "system of government that is running an emperor" or colonial expansion strategy. This term usually indicates expansion in political, military and economic boundaries.


In Secularism religion is a personal matter of all citizen. Government does not care whether somebody believes in religion or not. Secular government is always neutral in terms of religion. Neither does he interfere to any religion nor religion allows intervention.

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The movement founded by Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini in Italy. Mussolini says Fascism is action, reflection, and event. Even Fascism welcomed battle among states and also military operation because they believe it is a necessary evil.

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This system was founded (1818-1883) by the prominent German thinker Karl Marx and promoted by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin.


This ideology is the concept of absolute regime. However the concept of representation or voting does not exist.