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Universal Studios Florida is a good place to take the family for one of your daytrips in Florida. This theme park is in Orlando, Florida and it first opened in June 1990 and features entertainment about the TV and movie genre. It is easy to get there via one of the cheap flights to Florida from elsewhere in the U.S.

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Universal Studios is Perfect for Movie, TV Buffs

As one of the premiere sightseeing options in Florida, Universal Studies has the theme of “ride the movies.” It has rides, as well as live entertainment shows. It is part of Universal Orlando resort, so there are plenty of nearby hotels in Florida. This theme park is beloved by many tourists as is shown by its nearly six million visitors in 2010 who came to see one of the Florida attractions.

There is another version of Universal Studios in Hollywood, but this one in Orlando has different attractions than the sister park does. Some of these were based on movies such as Jaws, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Simpsons and Shrek. Visitors would get to become part of that world of the movies and would be taken into a scene or other idea from the movie or TV show.

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The Universal Studios Florida attractions were for the most part created by the same people who brought visitors the movies or TV shows they were based on.  Some of these famous people are Steven Spielberg, who actually helped to found Universal Studios.  In the Summer 2012 Universal Studios adventures there will be an attraction based on the Despicable Me movie called Despicable Me Minion.October 2010: The 20th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida

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What does Universal Studios Have To Do?

Visitors here on one of the cheap trips to Florida will get to have fun in six themed sections of the park that are built near a big lagoon. The lagoon is set to be part of a special display called Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Memories. It will show off many of the past century’s best features from Universal Studios and its movies. T

The six theme area include the Production Central, World Expo, Woody Woodpecker Kid Zone, Hollywood, New York, and San Francisco/Amity. Each has plenty of Florida attractions of rides, food, stores, shows, characters in person and more for everyone to do on one of their day trips to Florida.

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Universal Studios Also Films Movies

Universal Studios also makes movies at their location, as well as TV shows, music videos and even commercials. It has several musical sound stages, one of which is used by the famous music performers, the Blue Man Group, an iconic group that paints themselves all blue and plays various types of music in a mix of sound, comedy and mime type performances.

The Universal Studios also has fun annual events you can see via one of the cheap flights to Florida such as Halloween Horror Nights in October, Grad Bash in April and May, Macy’s Holiday Parade in December, Mardi Gras in Feb to April and a Rock the Universe festival for Christian music in September.

All in all Universal Studios is one of the great Florida Attractions.