Universal Truths

The School of Athens

This article is going to be updated every so often with little philosophical tidbits that I've dubbed in my own little world, "Universal Truths". Before the philosophical junkies out there start sending me death threats, let me just say, disregard your whole, "What is truth? Does truth exist? What makes something true?" speech because this article isn't here to debate that. This article is here to make people nod their heads and go" Yeah", that is true about........

Also, these are not Aphorisms, and are not meant to be funny. They are simply meant to be... true! I find that when you sit down and ponder long enough about some aspect of life, you will inevitably discover a nugget of truth. Whether that nugget is about human nature or not doesn't matter, although I think we as humans tend to try to find truth in ourselves more than other things.

Here are some I've come up with so far. You're welcome to leave your own suggestions in the comments and I may add them. Try to ask yourself, what's true of life, the world, society, and other big picture things you can think of. If you get stuck while asking why, ask yourself "Why not?".

Our Ideas so Far

  1. It often takes more time to create than to destroy
  2. Choices are the most simple, and yet most complex part of our lives
  3. If ever you find that you've run out of things to do in life, find something new, or you may give life up
  4. Finding what your looking for is only a matter of aligning yourself in the correct time and place
  5. All opinions by nature, are relative
  6. If you're not sure, punt
  7. Superstition happens only to those who believe in it
  8. In all things there is a balance
  9. The only thing that doesn't change is everything changes
  10. Experiences build values, circumstances force opinions
  11. You can't get something for nothing

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